Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette Place Vendome Review & Swatches

As soon as I saw this palette instore I had to have it; Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Place Vendome (no. 2) – I love neutral eyes with a shock of bright colour!

Then there was a problem. The price. This palette retails at £51! It’s a steep price – considering the fact that I find Chanel and Dior eyeshadow palettes at £38 or so expensive £51 is just…a lot to ask. Especially when it’s sold in Debenhams. My local Debenhams is on the dingy side…


I purchased this from Debehams online, when there was a 10% off so I got it for £43.45 rather than £51.

Here is the case – so beautiful. It’s heavy and has a gorgeous engraved pattern on the outside:


If you open it up, there’s there’s a protective cover. Posh stuff! I thought there was a cover because there’s a gel liner inside but that’s not the case. It’s actually for the mirror:


Inside the palette is a mirror – a pretty good size one too. You get a double ended brush, it’s a decent one but not really enough for full eye application.


With Place Vendrome, you get 3 mattes, cream, beige and a slate, then metallic cool gold, dark blue and a bright metallic blue.


The colours are lovely, I love these cool tones browns and taupes and nudes. Throwing in the gold and the blues gives it a bit of a kick too – gorge! The texture of these shadows are lovely too, really creamy and soft, pigmented and blendable:


I like palettes with lots of colours and choices that I can carry around with me – this one isn’t that easy to carry round because it’s heavy and quite big. It’s also too pretty to carry around incase I drop it!




Gorgeous palette, reflected in the price. I am in no massive rush to buy more because they’re so expensive – maybe the brown palette on day as a treat!

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  1. says

    That’s an absolutely gorgeous palette! I love the way it’s laid out. However, definitely out of my price range. How does the eyeliner wear?

  2. says

    I live in hope that these will be in the sale one day. I have Rue de Passy and the eyeshadow quality a little mixed in that palette. I do love it though and it’s really easy to whip up a nice eye look when I can’t be bothered to think too hard. I would love to get this one or Rue de Sevres.

    • Row says

      Hey MB

      They are really gorgeous, but the price really takes the shine off. I’m glad I had one with a bit of a discount but won’t be rushing to get more, also Guerlain seems to go on sale at 50% or more come the new years sales, hmmm x