Get Glow! St Tropez Skin Illuminator in Violet & Pink Review

So me and fake tan are so-so – I’d probably be more open to using them if they didn’t stink, were 100% unorange and 100% unstreaky but alas, they’re not quite *there* yet.

However – St. Tropez’s range of illuminators don’t require a tan and come in three shades; Violet, Rose and Gold. Rather nice:


I have two here, Violet and Rose which come in generous 50ml tubes and can be used on the face and body.

The thing with illuminators is that they’re a bit of extra faff although when applied correctly, do look rather nice. These are also called ‘skin finishers’ as they add a glowy sheen to the skin…I was worried for a second that they’d be blingin’ but they aren’t – they’re actually subtle and refined, if you like. They give a nice glow to the skin without being too obvious or ashy on the skin.

Pink on top, violet on the bottom:


Now, if it was up to me I’d choose gold but a change does us all good and I really like the result of the pink – which gives a soft baby like sheen – and the violet, which is a iridescent unusual blue-violet hue which is quite eye catching.

On the skin, it does take a bit of work as it feels a little greasy at first. It will sink in though…


Can you see the subtle hue that has been left on the skin? Maybe I’m just odd but I think on my warm olive skin tone it’ll make me look a bit like a beetle…you know that purply shell they have? It’s quite nice on the face, around the cheekbone area.


Verdict: A nice product from St. Tropez and at £12 for 50ml, well priced as this will last a long time. Pick the best shade for you! See the product here.

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  1. Jen says

    Agree with having a gold shade, I’ve tried a few pink-toned skin illuminators, and whilst they give a nice soft-focus effect, I think a gold-toned one would be more complimentary for more olive/yellow based skintones.