Easy Self Tan! Xen Tan Mousse Intense Review

Although I am not a big fake tan fan, I do like Xen-Tan a lot, maybe because the smell reminds me of cake, and also because it is non-orange which I like.

Nevertheless, I find applying fake tan a bother, I don’t think I’ve ever got a perfect finish from one (ie. big ugly streaks!).

So I was sent an ‘easier’ option, in the form of a Xen Tan Mousse – apparently easier than creams and liquids to apply.


They say:

Xen-Tan Mousse Intense is perfect for first-time tanners because it spreads so easily and evenly, meaning that most of the work is done for you. The light foam texture glides on easily and dries immediately, so you can apply it just before you go out, for a stunning finish that’s as light or dark as you desire depending on how much you apply.
I must admit I find foam anything easier to use (ie. mousse dye, mousse cheese).

The Xen Tan mousse smells of vanilla and is a golden brown shade – I LIKE! Also the mousse does make it very easy to apply I think because it sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t require pointless hanging about whilst it dries.


The result on my skin, olive toned, is pretty natural but a bit more golden which I like. If you are medium toned like me and want something darker you might have to go for the intense stuff instead but I am happy with the mousse product myself! Easy to apply and natural finish.


I’m still not going to fake tan apart from when an occasion really calls for it but it’s good to know there’s an easy to use option there!

Buy it here for £23.99.

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