Dior Pink Essence 351 Creme de Gloss Xmas LE!

I have talked about Dior’s Creme De Gloss a few times, here and here.

I know some of you ladies just dig it, but I’m not a fan. Nice texture but lifeless colours and dull lips on me. I tried the fig and beige previously and gave them both away.

Cue Pink Essence a LE colour from the Night Collection from Dior Xmas 08.

I just happened to swatch this whilst buying the glitter gloss. It is such a perfect pink.

It’s pinky, blue based, creamy, soft, rosey shade. The perfect gloss, absolutely. The texture and everything is perfect. PERFECT I tell you. Oh my god, I’m gushing.

This means back up time, I think, because this is such a stunning lipgloss.

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  1. Vera says

    Hi hi, your swatches are just so pretty I can’t resist – WHERE do you buy this? I looked on sephora, nope! Please let me know! Thanks
    = )

    P.s. love your blog

  2. Row says

    Hi Vera

    I think this is only availble from certain places. In the UK its on general release but I’m not sure about in the US. Have you been down to some counters?

    Thanks for the compliment too :)