Clip In, Clip Out: Halo Hair Extensions Photos & Review

I was offered some hair extensions to review and immediately thought of my 16 yea old cousin who has been looking for some for a while since they are all the rage with her friends.

To be honest I know very little about hair extensions and the last time I had my hands on some they were bright red, felt like noodles and sat next to the tampons in Poundland.

Halo Hair Extensions has a very impressive range of products; clip ins, halo style, loads of colours, different lengths; the choice is endless.

Because the cousin, Faye, is a novice we picked the clip in extensions in Natural Black, 20 inches.



Halo offers both human hair and synthetic (our is human hair) and they matched up the colour using a photograph of Faye…The colour match is amazing. Spot on. Not remotely fake or off colour, I am sure that you can pretty much match up any shade with their product (and you can also dye it as it’s real hair).

From the side:


Faye’s hair is naturally long and pretty straight, but she just wanted to be able to put in a few strategic clips when she feels like it.

There is a natural wave there is she doesn’t straighten it:


The hair extensions are so easy to use! I don’t know how you’d do it yourself – practise I guess, but these photos are my rather clumsy clip in job and I think it’s not bad for a first attempt!

This video explains it better than I could:

Faye wondered if 20inches is too long but actually, it can be trimmed and it can be clipped in higher up and strategically if it’s too long for you (they do shorter versions of the hair anyway).

The other thing is that with the full head set, they are generous with what they give you – there are some long pieces that fit right across the back of the head, half sizes and some smaller pieces too. In other words, plenty of variety so that you can decide how much volume and length you want.

Bear in mind I stuck in the whole set here and we’ve decided that it is most wearable when half of the pack is used.


You can pretty much to with the hair what you would with your normal hair – curl it, straighten it etc. The teenager has been wearing them religiously and has even washed and conditioned them to keep them in tip top condition!


The more you do this the better you get! I could do with more practise but you get the idea. Faye has been using it every day (including for school – don’t ask, apparently this is the done thing at school!) and she loves them (I think she might’ve even said thank you!).


The set Faye has is £39.99 and you can peruse the whole range here. If in doubt about your hair colour do email them, they will be happy to help.

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  1. Jen says

    I went through a phase when I was at uni of having colourful clip-in streaks, I’ve still got them hanging around somewhere! I’ve also been looking around for a reasonably-priced winge (wig for the fringe lol) but sadly this company doesn’t seem to do them yet. The extensions look very natural in Faye’s hair, some people overdo it a bit with hair extensions but these seem perfect for her…are they comfortable in? I’d be paranoid about running my fingers through my hair and them falling out whilst I was out and about!

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      (I always want to call you Ken for some reason! I think cos J is next to K).

      Anyway…yes Faye uses them now but puts far less in than the whole pack (they give you so much) to keep it simple. Hopefully they’ll do fringes soon!

  2. Jen says

    lol Ken? I’ve had various nicknames in my time, but never Ken :p
    Ahhhh…I guess it’s good that they give you so much (value for money!) because then you can trim bits to length and leave other bits as they are, wear all of it for big volume or just a few for a more natural look, etc. I shall be keeping an eye out for their winges! (I could never have a full fringe cut again as it annoyed the hell out of me by the 3rd day last time!)