Christmas Gift Idea & Review: Shavata Tweezers

I love tweezers – such useful little things but I am always losing them. Always.

That’s why I love this little heart shaped Tweezer from Shavata – I just think its very cute, the tweezers are great and its big enough to not lose.

shavata tweezers.jpg

This comes in a few colours too! Perfect gift, especially for people like my mother, who insists her 49p tweezers, the ones that don’t even meet in the middle when you squeeze it – are great.

Shavata Heart Tweezers.jpg

Great Gift For: Mums, Sisters, The Mr, anyone who needs to tweeze!

What You Get: A great tweezer in a cute heart shape that comes in a case too.

Notes: Its £16.50 – £18.00 depending on the retailer.

Buy it from: QVC, or Feel Unique.

More pics!

Shavata tweezers-1.jpg

Its actually quite easy to grip and use, although because the heart is quite short, your hand my get in the way a little when you are trying to work on the really short little hairs.

Shavata tweezers-2.jpg

Here’s the clever thing right? The back of the compact is a mirror! I was wondering where my free mirror was, and the back is actually a magnification one!

Shavata Tweezers-3.jpg
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