Christmas Gift Idea: Antique Hair Clip from Ebuni!

The problem with online shopping is that its too easy to *browse*. Do you know what happens when I browse? I end up with a ‘one for you, one for me policy.’

Hence I ended up on which sells all kinds of hair accessories, brooches and jewellery bits (affordable – check! takes paypal – check!):

hair clip.jpg

I love antiquey looking hair accessories so I choose this. Enough sparkle for the day to not look OTT. I am trying to grow out my layers at the moment so clips are essential:

hair clip-2.jpg

How it looks in my hair:

hair clip-1.jpg

My roots need doing – I am torn between going darker with an ashy Blythe hair dye or dying my hair with the ‘mango tart’ dye from Palty!

What do you think? Do I want to look like a mango tart or a Blythe doll?!

Anyway, the clip cost £7.50 and is here – but there are plenty of other designs.

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  1. Dina says

    Hi! Can I ask your opinion about hair dye?? ^^

    Just wondering which hair dye product is the best for ashy color? Which should I pick: Blythe Fresh Light Hair Dye – Brilliant Ash or Palty Hair Dye – Jewelry Ash? From your experience [well, maybe if you’d tried the palty in ashy colors, hehe], which one is fade quickly? Do you know how to make it lasts? Often see some japanese models [on magazine of coursr] with this color but seems the color stays put forever @_@

    Me really wanted my hair to look like Aina Tanaka: and

    Or, maybe you can suggest me something else. Any suggestions from you is really appreaciated by me. Thanks a lot before!! ^^

    • Row says

      Hi Dina!

      I have used both hair dyes!

      I found both give an ashy effect but to get the effect you want (in the photos you provided a link to) you will need to use ‘hi bleach’ first (drain your hair of colour). Palty do one called Hi-bleach. Do this FIRST, then use the ash dye and you will get that grey effect BUT remember it will damage your hair (bleaching it like that) you will have to be prepared to really look after it with conditioners etc.

      Both colours are nice! The blythe is a darker ash, palty’s is more of a cooler ash-grey. You will need a few packs of palty – they are really stingy, I have mid length hair and I need 2 packs minimum!

      Both will last if you use a conditioning hair treatment and shampoo!!!I promise you, models have people looking after their hair and retouching it all the time! Thats why it always looks perfect, it will fade over time but we don’t have someone doing out hair all the time 😉