Charity Haul!: Estee Lauder Elizabeth Hurley Pink Ribbon Lip Design Collection

I was on the Estee Lauder counter a few weeks ago where I picked up this pretty lip set:

estee-lauder-pink-products1.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x309 pixels).jpg

I bought it because £5 goes to charity (Breast Cancer) and its only £20 which is a good price for a lipstick, gloss, liner and case.

estee lauder lip design collection pink.jpg

There are two variations – Elizabeth (Hurley) and Evelyn (Lauder) sets. The Evelyn set was more pigmented, a bit more grown up and sophistcated and the Elizabeth is a little more sheer, a bit younger in general. (Did you see that? I didn’t make one snarky comment about Elizabeth Hurly and her constant boob-flashing).

elizabeth hurly lip pink collection estee lauder.jpg

It comes in a pretty pink fake snakeskin case…cute!

See swatches after the jump!Here is what you get. The gloss doesn’t look full size but it certainly isn’t a tester size. Everything is very adequately sized and will last a fair while:

estee lauder pink lip collection elizabeth hurley.jpg

I remember my mother used to carry her lipstick around in a little case like this, did yours?

Here are the three products:

estee lauder pure colour gloss elizabeth .jpg

The lipstick is a slightly sheer, corally pink:

estee lauder pink lip colour.jpg

The gloss is pink but quite sheer, with sparkly bits:

estee lauder high gloss brilliance.jpg


estee lauder elizabeth hurley pink-1.jpg

Everything works very well on its own, or separately. You can’t argue I guess, with a soft pretty pink – goes with everything. Lipstick and liner (excuse my dry lips):

elizabeth hurley elizabeth pink lipstick estee lauder.jpg

With the gloss on top:

elizabeth hurley estee lauder pink.jpg

I look like I’m puckering up there for a snog, commmeeee here my pretttyyyyyyyyyy.

You can buy the lip sets on Estee Lauder Counters or

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