What’s wrong with it?!


SO everyone is bitching about Aretha’s hat? What’s wrong with it?! I think it’s lovely! I would wear it, absolutely! not to Tesco, but I would, I definately would. At least she didn’t wear this:

Oscar Nominations


Ooh I love the Oscars. Here are the Nominations and my guesses: Best Film Slumdog Millionaire The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Frost/Nixon Milk The Reader My Choice: I think they are all borrrinnnngg. I’ll go for Milk because I like Milk in my tea. Probably will win: The Reader (because it’s about war! death! […]

The Stig looks like Sting!


Nnnoooo! I haven’t been this annoyed since they outed Banksy. Anyway this is the Stig, stuntman Ben Collins: Normally seen as: Whatever next?! Wentworth Miller is gay? Tut.

Kelly Brook Sacked


Poor Kelly Brook. Sacked after just 6 days of Britain’s Got Talent – but as one of my eye witnesses at one of the shows said, “She looks like she’s made of plastic and she’s such an airhead” (this is a Man who said this by this by the way). Nevermind, it was fun while […]



This was enough to put me off my Monster Munch. Not only does she look stoned, I don’t believe for a second, Mr Photoshop-getting-a-bonus-soon man, that she has curves on her skinny thighs or fat on her butt. It’s just kinda gross and…desperate. Ding Ding round three? Whatever next? Wearing an Armani thong with her […]

Do you care about Zhang Ziyi’s butt?


I really don’t. Well maybe a little. Anyway, I found it mildly interesting, in the way I find laminate flooring fascinating. But anyway, apparently pictures of Ziyi on the beach with her uber rich and rather powerful sugardaddy (yah, yah I know she has money. But she ain’t got his money or his connections – […]

Butter Face of the Day


Butterface – Chick with a nice body but an ugly face. “Victoria Beckham had an amazing photoshopped body…but her face (butter face).”

Gigantic Mouth of the Day


Come on! You know its HUGE. Anne Hathaway needs to a. Lay off the attention seeking red lipstick b. And smile with no teef, like Vicky Beckham. She’s scaring me, mommy!.

Kate Winslet – Quote of the Day


Never got the appeal of Kate Winslet. Prettish girl, but I find her an average actress and she is oh-so-concieted. “I’m Kate! I’m so normal! I’m so normal! Look at me I’m normal!” ‘I’m so sorry Annie (Hathaway) ,Meryl (Streep). Kristin (Scott Thomas) and I can’t remember the other one, oh Angelina (Jolie). Angelina will […]

Goldiggers, this is not how you do it


When you are trannylicious and older than your young, hot, rich, sucessful toyboy what you don’t do is announce to the world that you want to marry him and have his babies! Scherzinger can’t wait for the couple to get married and start raising children in Hawaii – the state where she was born. She […]

Angelina’s liver lips


What’s the point of fighting it? Angelina is stunning far away and close up. Her lipstick here is sooooooooo sexy.  It’s a whitish-nude gloss, I presume.  So nice – yes, I am on the hunt for it. The rest of her face is obviously airbrushed but she is still a huge beauty, right?  She’s incomparable […]

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