Brush Haul: Sephora Collection I.T. Natural Foundation & Angled Synthetic Brush Review

Well, how it started was, I really wanted the Shu Uemura goat foundation brush but it’s a rather expensive £40 so I resisted. I spotted this Sephora Collection I.T. Natural Foundation brush on eBay so purchased it and some other bits too:


The Sephora I.T. (Intelligent Tools) collection was co created by French designer, Phillipe Di Meo and the Pro Beauty Team. They have lightweight, long handles and represent the highest quality brushes from the Sephora collection.

They also come with a cap that protects the bristle and you can use as a stand (naturally I threw these away like an idiot!).

The Sephora I.T. Natural Foundation brush is great.

It’s made of goat hair (like the Shu Uemura) and I really adore it. Apart from shedding when I first used it, I LOVE this brush – I prefer it over a fiber brush which I find a bit streaky to use, and over the traditional synthetic foundation brushes.

It means I can really buff the base into my skin. Love, love, love.

I also bought 2 more Sephora I.T. brushes and 2 Trish McEvoy ones.


L-R: I.T. Angled Synthetic Blush Brush – this is Takelon (nylon) and made for cream blushers. Then I have the Trish McEvoy M20 Face Brush which I have lusted after for so long – the best brush for powder blusher, and Trish blending brush and the Sephora I.T. Collection Brow Filler brush.

The I.T. angled synthetic brush is fab too – it makes applying liquid blush easy, non streaky and natural:


These brushes have a super long handle, giving them a futuristic look. I personally dislike this because it makes it stick out of my brush pot too much and it doesn’t fit in my going away bag.

However, it is a very comfortable brush to handle.

The head:


The brow brush is a spiky hard bristle, and once again I like it although a brow brush to me is not something I’d use regularly anyway. This is a nice choice if you want something that will get into those brow crevices, the little niggly bald spots you might have in your otherwise full brows.


I will review the Trish McEvoy M20 brush on it’s own, that brush deserves its own post!

All in all I am very happy with the Sephora I.T. brush collection! When given the chance I’d love to own the shader and blending brush too.

See the collection here.

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