Benefit Miss Popularity, Aube Powders & Laura Gellar Wonder Wand

I was browsing the QVC website a while ago and I discovered this Laura Gellar Product:

It is a white highlight powder, which you can use under the brown, down the bridge of the nose, on the cheekbones. All over your face, if you want to be a make shift Christmas tree.

However, it is waitlist only in the UK, so in the meantime, Benefit came out with Miss Popularity:

Which for all intents and purposes does the same thing but in a more compact tube.

It is also in a powder form (in liquid they have high beam and moon beam).

I was going to purchase this, but I’m not convinced about the lasting power of a loose powder for the face, and its ability to stay in one spot. Also at £17, I think its pretty steep.

Anyway I noticed that Aube has two loose powders (is it a trend) for the same purposes, one in a gold tone, one in a pink tone:

At $99HK Dollars (from Adambeauty) – about £6, I can buy both for the price of one Miss Popularity!

Will it work as well? Only time will tell but once I have given it a test, I will let you know!

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