3 Spot Correctors: Clinique Post Blemish Formula, Skinfood Tomato Whitening Spot Serum & Skin79 AC Clinic Spot Renewal Corrector

A couple of months ago, I had a dry patches on my face – they were red and angry and I did something silly and put a placenta face mask on top which made everything a million times worse.

Eventually everything faded away apart from a rather large spot on my cheek, about an inch under my eye. A dry patch had turned into a spot and this was no ordinary spot – there was some pus in it, but because of the location (ie. Right in the centre of my face) I didn’t want to do my usual picking and poking incase it scarred.

Patiently, patiently, I massaged it with a number of products, night after night, applied spot cream, I applied used lavender oil, I did all sorts until it became clear it was going to sink no further. It was a lump. I performed pore surgery (my own invention) with sharp tweezers and a close up mirror by picking of a tiny wedge of skin and pulling out dried white skin and hardened pus that had settled underneath.  The lump finally started to sink.  Rates on request.

Anyway the aftermath was a mild red lump.  I have a few other marks on my face from previous traumas – I do scar exceptionally easily – every insect bite has been documented on my body – so I decided to give 3 post spot correctors a try.

1. Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Post Blemish Formula

Clinique anti blemish Post Blemish Formula

I must’ve purchased this when there as a bonus time offer – it’s the only time I buy Clinique.  I used this on a small reddish scar on my chin which had been there for a while. This product is supposed to fade discolouration on the face.

This product has a fairly thick cream-gel type texture.  It sinks in easily into the skin with a few rubs and upon application it makes the skin looks a bit lighter.  There’s no scent really…I guess it’s a bit medicinal.

I don’t mind the Clinique Anti-Blemish range, it’s waaaayyy to harsh for me (for daily use) but I love their spot gel.

This product however, is rubbish. It just doesn’t work. Someone, somewhere, will find that this works but this does nothing for me really apart from making the area a bit softer.

Buy it here at Boots (or don’t).

£11 for 1.8g (in other worlds 1.8ml – WHAT!?! Ridiculous).

Score: 1/5

Skin79 A.C Clinic Spot Renewal Corrector Review

Skin79 AC Clinic Spot Renewal Corrector

Skin79 is a Korean brand and is best know for it’s BB cream – I’ve never tried their skincare line before.  With so many different ranges around tempting me, it’s not the first one that would jump to mind! I actually had another spot in mind when I ordered this, but that faded away so this was the one I whipped out when dealing with the SUPER spot.

This product also takes care of the trauma after the spot by brightening out the skintone.

It has a really good applicator – it’s curved so you can massage the product in which I did every single time. It’s becomes like OCD after a while…click…rub rub….click….rub rub…..  I really like being able to work the cream into the area without touching my skin with my fingers!

I noticed this cream makes the skin tingle. It is not uncomfortable at all but it does have a zing to it, which becomes less noticeable as time goes on.

After 2 weeks I really liked the result of this cream – I felt it did reduce the redness from my spot but it didn’t deal with the ‘bump’ completely, although the diameter of it did shrink a little.

Approx $20 for 15ml

Score: 4/5 – it will NOT remove lumps and bumps that a spot leaves behind but it does a good job gently fading it.  After 2 weeks of daily use it is working but I still need to continue using it to get the desired effect.

Skinfood Tomato Whitening Spot Serum

Skinfood tomato whitening spot serum

I’ve never really paid attention to Skinfood’s Tomato range as it’s a whitening one – but recently I’ve become quite interested in these types of products.  I do not want to be paler, I just want to have luminosity and clarity to the skin – and these products seem to help.

Skinfood’s Tomato Whitening Spot Serum is: Packed with anti-oxidant rich fresh tomato extracts, the Tomato Whitening Spot Serum boosts skin metabolism to hasten cellular turnover and reveal radiantly glowing skin.

Unlike the other two, you can apply these to areas like uneven skin patches and dark spots. It isn’t specifically for post acne care like the other two and you can see it’s far more generous with quantity.

I used this on my cheeks where I felt I had some discolouration from NOT using SPF (whoops).  Once again I found this to be a decent product. Used over a month, my skin looked a bit brighter, any marks (like light brown spots) did not fade completely but overall the skin did look clearer.

I’m not sure how much discipline I have using this forever and ever – because my skin is sensitive I don’t like to overload it with too much.  Until I think that I have more discolouration issues I doubt I will keep up with this item. If pigmentation is a big concern of yours, the tomato range is a gentle way to keep on top of it I think, if you aren’t ready for more expensive and harsher whitening skincare products.

Approx $15 for 30ml.

Verdict: 3/5 – but don’t expect miracles

Note: All 3 of these products were purchased by me from Boots and eBay.

As predicted none of these items are ‘miracle’ products – I really need to learn to be more careful with my skin because of my propensity to scar! Nevertheless I’ll be more than happy to whip out the Skin79 A.C Spot Renewal Corrector the next time some acne has left it’s mark on my face.
Oooh I’m chatty today.  Anyway – would you try any of these?
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  1. Sarah S. says

    Heehee, I’m glad somebody can make acne funny to read about :) … “pore surgery” hehehe

  2. Jen says

    hehe pore surgery…sounds exactly like something I would do too :)

    The skin79 one sounds good, I never knew they had a skincare line as well as bb creams, so will check that out. Also, the Skinfood tomato line sounds like something I could do with, I’ve started noticing light freckles on my cheeks, even though the skincare I use has got spf in it, I’m gonna have to be more careful about applying proper spf!

  3. mandy says

    You should try the Jurlique elder cream for fading spots. I have this weird habit with picking at my skin and well… you can pretty much guess what happens next. I also scar pretty easily too >_< I don't know why I do it, I just can't help myself. Annnywaaayy, I tried the elder cream on a pimple scar and over a week or so, it faded away pretty nicely =D it does smell "interesting" though haha

  4. D says

    Thanks for this review!

    I have tried the Clinique Post-Blemish treatment twice. It does work but very gradually. I have had moderate acne problem and the scars were mostly on my cheeks. The Clinique stuff has lightened them but very slowly.

    My only problem is that there’s not much product in the tube. Now I have been thinking of getting the Skinfood Tomato Spot Serum as a replacement because it has more volume and it’s much cheaper (here in Manila) than Clinique (the Clinique products are about 60% more expensive here… oh wealthy distributors yes they are!).

    Anyway, I’d like to get Skin79 but it’s not available here. But if there’s a will then there’s way, yes?

  5. says

    clinique gel spot is too painful for me >.< it gives me the sting that last like 3 minutes argh so now im using mario badescu, its alright, but slow to remove acne..im using loccitane immortalle cream mask, leave it over night on dark spot, my sis claim its a miracle..i think so!

    xoxo elle

  6. matty blanca says

    I have dry, sensitive, blemish prone skin. I’m in my late 20’s with severe environmental allergies and mild acne. I cannot use Benzoyl Peroxide as it’s too irritating and actually makes my skin swell. Retinol, AHA and BHA are the only OTC products I can use without breaking out. Now, I ONLY USE the Lady Soma Renewal Serum!! Its not hard on my skin and I’ve noticed my acne clearing since I’ve started using it.

    In the morning, I can see my blemishes have healed some compared to the night before when using this Lady Soma Serum. I have also noticed old blemish spots fading significantly. I also like that it comes in a tube rather than a jar. The antioxidants and other ingredients won’t spoil that way. Good for Lady Soma for coming out with this product!