2true Eyeshadow Dazzlers and Glitter Liner swatches

2true is a value range which you can buy from Superdrug – any 3 items for £5 or £1.99 each. Not bad eh!

I tried a few of the goodies out and did some swatches – and once again I’ve found a good quality range for the price!

2true eyeshadow dazzlers are mini pots of pigments that will last a lot longer than it looks


The shades I got are sparkly and quite blue toned! There’s:

No. 6 – Sparkly Silver White

No. 7 – Light Turquoise

No. 9 – Medium Blue

No. 10 – White which bluish undertones


These pigments are very sparkly but they are really nice so if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful piggies, this is it!

I also got a glitter mascara, 2 glitter liner and a metallic liner:


I don’t have the best time with glitter liners and I’d say these were about the same as most glitter liners I’ve tried – they’re no worse than Urban Decay glitter liners so for the price, I’d definitely choose these! Especially as they’re likely to be used a few times then forgotten about!


The base is a little liquid so if you want more of a glittery effect you really need to layer these a few times.


Next time I want something for one use or just a party I’ll check the 2true range out seeing as they seem to have a lot of party appropriate goodies!

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