Argan Oil in a Balm! Mizon Miracle Wrapping Therapy The Pure Argan Essential Wrapping Balm Review


I stumbled across the Korean brand, Mizon, by chance on eBay.  I was looking for a snail cream (hot in skincare dontcha know) and found a load of interesting products created by this brand (Mizon sounds more like a car manufacturer doesn’t it?!).   They make skincare, haircare and make up products and I’ve bought a selection to review. One of the more expensive items I bought was this Argan Oil Essential Wrapping Balm – […]

Smooth those crinkles! Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex Review


Sooner or later you’ll in the mirror and go ARRGHAGHGHGHHHHHHH! Where did that wrinkle come from!?   So far I have spotted some lines of my forehead (why?! I am rarely surprised) and some fine ones under the eye (boo) but zero crows feet (yay!).  But with such dry skin at the moment it does concern me that my wrinkles will suddenly come in thick and fast (oily skin seems to keep much better).  I […]

Skinfood Powders: Red Orange Sun Pact SPF50+ & Seaweed Shining Bronzer Pact Review and Swatches


It’s nearly summer – although you can’t tell from the RAIN outside.  My skin is still as dry as anything but as it warms up, I find more and more use for pretty powders.  I purchased 2 powders from Skinfood a while ago but have only just had the chance to open them to give them a go! They are both sunny themed – one is a bronzer (pretty rare where Korean or indeed Asian […]

Paul & Joe 2012 Summer Collection inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream


A Midsummer Night’s Dream was the main Shakespeare play we studies at College; know who I had to play? Puck. Only idiots play Puck. But I digress.  I may be a bit slow on the uptake, but Paul & Joe’s 2012 Summer Collection is too pretty not to share.  Also I have a big occasion coming up in the Summer and I am definitely going to invest in some of these products.  1. Shimmering Pressed […]

MAC Haul: Dazzleglass She-Zam & You Got The Look, Snowglobe Eyeshadows Warm


A few weeks ago I went to Cheshire Oaks, which is a “Outlet Village” – ie. there’s a load of discount stores in one place.  To be honest it was pretty rubbish because places like that always depends on the time of year and what the mainstream stores are getting rid off, plus, with there being so many sales on the high street, you don’t necessarily notice much of a discount.  So generally…it was a […]

Mini Haul: Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes B-3 and Mellow Forming Rouge PK 811 Review


A little while ago I did a haul on for some Esprique make up! Esprique is a Japanese brand, and used to be Esprique Precious before it was upgraded to a sleeker, black look. The range is in the mid-high price range and is aimed at older women (as in not teenagers) but they’re not boring either! I bought an eyeshadow palette (Blend Dimensional Eyes Deep) in B-3 which is an unusual pink brown […]

A BB Cream for men?! Lab Series BB TInted Moisturizer SPF 35 Featuring Mr C


Mr C’s eyes tend to light up when I throw a new product in his direction although he is strictly hand creams and shampoo.  I though this new BB cream for men from Lab Series was pretty cool.   This BB Tinted Moisturiser has various benefits:

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