Yardley Orange Blossom and April Violets Body Spray Review

Does anyone else work somewhere with some really funky temperature issues?

One office I worked in never had any fresh air – it was hot and sticky or freezing cold. Another office I worked in, I was sat facing the air conditioner blasting into my face, and another place is cold, then hot, then cold, then sticky. Urgh.

My point is, when the temperature is up and down, it really plays with your body!  There are days when I feel like I’m sat in a sauna and then I am glad for a quick refresh in the ladies. Enter Yardley’s body sprays, which come in 8 variations and cost just £2.49 each:

Yardley Orange Blossom April Violets

I guess when it comes to body spray, everyone thinks of Impulse, and that stuff is every 16 year olds’ favourite.  I like body spray, or at least I’ve discovered a new crush on it because it’s more refreshing than deodorant (which is harder to apply, especially if you have a rollerball!) and it’s less pungent than perfume (you know the person that makes every choke because they re-spray their perfume half way through the day? That).

Yardley feels like a brand for a totally different demographic than Impulse, and yet I found these body sprays quite modern yet classic, not at all grannish and quite nice smelling.

They have body sprays in the classics, like Lily of the Valley, Iris, English Rose and Lavender – but they also have English Daisy which is very fresh and floral, and April Violets and Orange Blossom which to me sounded the most interesting.

And interesting they are. April Violets smells just like Parma Violets sweets and Orange Blossom does smell like an Orange Pudding – or thereabouts.  It’s a sweet citrus I think.  Both are quite distinctive and different from other body sprays I’ve tried before.

Another good thing about Body Sprays? Impromptu air fresheners.  In the office, on the bus, in a shop, in a shared toilet…yeah.  Multi tasking.

I think these body sprays specifically in these scents are rather cool and nice to use.  If you are a fan of floral smells check them out.

See the Yardley Body Spray range here.



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  1. Jen says

    I’ve recently just rediscovered my love for body sprays! Used to love Impulse at high school, so it’s the brand that I’ve revisited, but I’ll be sure to give these a quick squirt in-store…especially like the sound of Orange Blossom! You’re so right about it being refreshing :)