Will the recession change your Christmas spending?

I have been planning the Christmas gift guide for Cosmetic Candy for a week and I have been making a list (and checking it twice) today, in regards to Christmas and what presents I would have to waste my money on buy this year.

I find gift buying very easy and it makes me deliriously happy to buy things for other people whether they want it or not. It doesn’t need to be Christmas to give presents! (and in truth, I hate the whole present giving palaver and being dictated too just because its that time of year).

Every year me and other adults in my family say we will refrain from buying each other gifts. Every year I do it anyway, and the kids – the kids….don’t get me started. I see something suitable then I can’t help buy pick up other things as I go along, but this year…


I am putting my paw, I mean foot – down. As well as the fact that I personally, feel like this is not the climate for excess (yes yes I know, my hauls), I have also decided that I am staying on list (as well as I can), shopping early, wrapping, then leaving the rest of November and December for roasting hogs.


How about you? Will the recession affect how you shop this year?

Will you change the way you spend this Christmas?

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