Hauled it: Stila Talking Smoky Eye Palette

I joined Brand Alley* a while ago, because I noticed that Stila was on sale there. I bought this Stila Talking Eye Palette in Smoky – I have wanted it for a while but it retailed for about £30-£40 I think. I got it for about £8 from Brand Alley…

stila cosmetics - smoky eye palette - original.jpg

I like Stila but I don’t love it. I do adore the Convertible Colours but that’s about it. Still a bargain is a bargain:

stila smoky eye palette.jpg

The smoky eye palette comes with four complimentary colours and it talks! It has a holographic front! What more do you need!

stila smoky eye palette-1.jpg

In this palette you get a base colour, a lid and crease colour and a liner. They are all grey/black shades – probably the most obvious colours for a smoky eye.

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So you press the button in the lid and the lady talks to you, telling you how to apply a smoky eye. A gimmick of course, but some people may find it useful.

stila smoky eye make up.jpg

The four shades are beautiful in the pan – the perfect graduation from light to dark….

stila smokey eye palette.jpg

Hmmm. The pigmentation is not all that. As you can see from my swatch, they aren’t as gorgeously buttery as they normally are:

stila smokey palette.jpg

I pretty much followed the eye and did a really quick smokey eye. It applies much better than it swatches (esp the crease colour) and the overall effect is what I wanted. I didn’t exactly collapse and have a happy fit though:

elf smokey eye palette stila.jpg

The palette is ok. Its not essential – you could go to nearly any counter and get three or four shades to do a smokey eye for around the same (retail) price of this palette but its a cute palette to own anyway.

Do you have/like this palette?

Very briefly, Brand Alley is a discount shopping site that you join for free. The brands and what they stock change from week to week – so far I’ve had an ok experience with them although they takes an age to dispatch (the product comes direct from the manufacturer).

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  1. says

    ugh the swatches are horrible! I mean, it’s not your fault, it’s the third color I hate…it’s so….so…..nothing! What is that supposed to be?! Grey? Doesn’T look like a decent one >_> And the black should be BLACK!!! o.O Anyway, it turned out quite good on your eyes. Luckily you didn’t but it for the original price!

    • Row says

      Hi Mary!

      I’m afraid that’s all we got with this palette! I would be annoyed too if I paid full price!