Sushi at home = Inventions for artards

I love pointless gadgets; ice cream maker, george foreman grills, bread maker, electric tin opener, yoghurt maker – I have them all. I noticed a product called Sushi at home – an easy way to make sushi at home.


Cool, I thought. These retail for around £80. It looks like you can drop your rice in one ends, some toppings, some seaweed, roll it and out pops some ready made sushi.

How wrong I was!

Basically you get two parts the Nigiri Rice Press (which is the big thing) and a Maki Roller Items.

Here are 2 videos that show how to use:

How pointless is this? The maki roller is essentially this:


A bamboo mat costs about 99p and is used to help you roll Sushi up. Alternatively you can stick some rulers together to get the Sushi at Home posh roller effect? The principe is the same – you are just rolling the Sushi up.

As for Nigiri, all you need is:

Preview of “Sushi at home = Inventions for artards”.jpg

Yes, your hands. Whats so hard about patting some rice into a cuboid? Just wet your hands first so it doesn’t stick.

Otherwise get one of these:

Japanese food | Japan Centre_ Daiso Nigiri Sushi Mould.jpg

Only £1.99, and you can make 5 at the same time!

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  1. says

    The working man’s version of this is the “sushi kit”. You get a $3 rolling mat, a $2 rice paddle, and a bowl for $20. But this one is way more high tech. I’ll expect to see it on late night informercial soon.

    • Row says

      Hi SushiFreak

      Are you really a sushi freak? I have to say I have the cheap sushi kit! Its a bit messy (cos I don’t know what I’m doing) but I can’t think of anything worse than yet another pointless appliance.

  2. Kaoru says

    … O_O… really?

    That’s so sad, I don’t know how to respond…

    (First you put rice in, then you press this, press this other thing, and slide out your sushi rice…)

    I kept thinking to myself “I could have done at least 5 pieces in the time it’s taking him to do 1!!!”

    • Row says

      Hi Kaoru

      My main problem is when I roll the rice it always bunches. I’m not sure where the best place to put the filling is so that it rolls into a nice neat piece :)