Useful Find of the Day: Baby Safety Cotton Buds

So I was in the baby section of Boots the other day (don’t ask….) and I spotted these cute ear buds (or Q-tips!) made for delicate babies ears:

baby safety buds.jpg

I know, these have been around for ages and I am sure you mummies will be familiar, but I couldn’t help but be fascinated by them.

Poking your ear drum is no joke! It really hurts and I have done it a million times before…

Cotton Buds Ears.jpg

I have been using these for cleaning my ears, and for removing eye make up.

They work well because the tip can get eye liner off the waterline and the thicker bit covers more area when taking off eyeshadow. They are also gentle and as far as I can see, not too fibery…

There’s also another reason why I like them….They look like boobies!

Baby Ear Safety Buds.jpg

Yeah. I painted those on.

Found anything cool in the Chemists lately?

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Just don’t flush them down the loo as the One Show highlighted the plight of sad dolphins and dirty cotton bud stick littered beaches. An ever poignant show.