Truffle Shuffle

I’ve discovered a lil shop called Truffle Shuffle that sells retro (well not true retro) items, – t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, a few bags. The range isn’t massive but there’s some really cool things that caught my eye, being an 80s child.

I bought a barbie t-shirt –

Yuk, Paris Hilton wore it. Still I think it’s cute

A hoodie!:

I like the rainbow swirl detail

Then I got a zip up hoodie. I love the way the Little Miss logo is like a multi coloured print:

I got a green (my fav colour) care bear tshirt.

I’m not lucky at all but maybe this t-shirt will bring me luck?!

Finally I got this Wizard of Oz Make up bag –

It’s cute!  It comes with a red slipper keyring thing, a little mirror and 3 pins on the back.  I hope its not too huge (can it be too huge for a make up junkie!?)

You get free shipping with orders of £50 and free special delivery over £100.

I noticed a 10% code if you a refer a friend – worth if it you spent a fair amount like me, and you can always refer your friend, Miss Me, if you know what I mean….cos your friend gets a code straight away but you don’t.  Ahem. (If you don’t get what I’m getting at then forget it, just forget it).

Minor Gripes

A lot of stuff is out of stock. I loved the mugs – hasslehoff! the chesney hawkes mug! the mullet mug! alas all out of stock, so very disappointing. I am also in love with this – in stock last night, out of stock now. Rubbish! What’s it going to be like near Christmas!

Also the sizing – I would normally buy a UK 12 but with these slim fit t’s and the season of gluttony and my Salma Hayek-esque chi-chis I erred on the side of caution and bought 14’s where possible. Hopefully this won’t be a disaster.

And its so damn expensive! Tshirts average at £25 – I think that’s a lot for a simple t-shirt.  Hoodies are £35 – £40 – once again expensive in my opinion.  I am thinking that it may have something to do with licensing since everything on there is branded.  I am thinking the quality should be high too for that price.

Expected on Tuesday.  It’s one of those sites that makes me feel like it’s a pretty reliable company and will sort things out if they can.  They definately need more stock though! D’uh!

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  1. Chica says

    Row, I promise you’ll love them! I’ve bought a couple of T-Shirts from them in the past and definitely would do again. I have a Crybaby one & a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one – because you know TMNT rocks 😉
    The shipping was really fast and the colours of the shirts were much brighter than they looked online. You did right to order 14 – they do fit small. I had to buy large in both (i’m normally a 14), and the TMNT is still pretty snug around my chest.

  2. Row says

    Hey Chica! Oh that’s good to hear *excited*. You know I had this debate with the boyf (and again last night cos there was a show about 80s kids TV) about the NINJA tutles, not the HERO turtles – turns out he was half right cos they changed the name in the UK from Ninja to Hero cos they’re gay – I prefer Ninja anyday!

    Phew! I went for large in all my t’s and even a XL in the pink hoodie, as I think they are better when they are a bit loose. Oooohhh so exciting 😀

  3. says

    Salma Hayek-esque chi-chis are the worst; they’re too much trouble (which Salma Hayek rightly deserves as she was stupid enough to buy hers at the surgeon’s office)! It’s very difficult to find a blouse that fits properly when you’re built like a blow-up doll.

  4. Row says

    That’s right – nothing buttons properly. Makes most day to day dressing very awkward indeed…