Stila Palettes & The Year of the Rat

Today is Chinese New Year!

Happy New Year to anyone who celebrates Chinese New Year! It is the year of the rat.

I am a Rooster, and roughly speaking my predictions for this year are:

Cut back on extravagances. [Does this include Lavshuca?]

You Roosters are not very flexible and tend to crowd yourselves into a corner. [I am very flexible, tut]

If you’re working, then the job becomes the only thing you can think about or do. You obsess, overwork and can burn out very quickly.[Obsess, yes.]

Then, of course, you feel sorry for yourself and decide that you are owed a break. [Or a lipstick.]

Blah blah, and me predictions for 2008 is basically one big lecture. Tut!

Anyway, I bagged myself two palettes for around £12, from Stila:

I am not normally a natural girl, but I like the warmness of the Playful palette, and the coolness of the Classic Palette:

Golightly, is da bomb! Such a beatiful, soft metallic grey browny colour. The perfect nude, I tell you.

The Playful palette is great too:

Once again very wearable, and because the colours are on the matte side, this is an excellent contouring kit.

I am not normally a Stila girl, so I don’t know what shades are limited edition or what not but I am very happy with all four colours in the palettes. I am not a huge fan of card board packaging, but the pans would be very easy to remove and place into a palette.

If you can find em, stock up!

Meanwhile, we took a trip to Ikea the other day, and for some Sveedish Meatballs.

It only took, oooh, 5 mins for Megan to start complaining about being tired.

Here she was trying to do a runner:

She’s covering her face here with a fleece blanket. Oh, the life of a celeb.

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  1. Lea says

    You are so right about the colors that you picked from Stila, lovely and very wearable can also be easily be mixed with other colours (check me out adapting to the UK spelling) and right on for contouring!

    You are like Megan’s paparazzo! Tell her I’d like an authographed photo of her. When is she coming out with her own color line like much publicity but I don’t think I’m purchasing any soon.

    p.s. Happy Chinese New Year! (I’m not Chinese but I like celebrations) teehee.

  2. Row says

    Yeah! I think Stila are great for those wearable easy colours. I am Megs paparazzo your right!!! hehe. She’s so used to taking photos its unreal. She’s like, swivel, pout, smile.

    Well done for adapting to UK spelling? I have been adapting to US spelling and words a lot recently – I keep saying Drugstore :p and Douche…