Shills Skin Friendly Whitening Underarm and Bust Exfoliator. Yes, Really.

Oh how they laughed when I announced on my Twitter that my Shills Bust Exfoliator had arrived.

WHAT FOR!? they cried.

Because I love find weird and wonderful stuff, thats WHY!

Shills, a Taiwanese brand will a rather interesting and exciting range of skincare and make up has become my new Skinfood.

When I saw the words Bust Exfoliator I clicked Buy before I could even see what the product was…

Beauty Randomness - Beauty.jpg

Ok – in my defence this product is not as wacky as it sounds. This product basically for the underarms and areas that have unsightly, dark, rough skin. Why is called a Bust Exfoliator then? Dunno. Its a free world!

Arm pits (they are pits after all) have a tendency to be dark and sometimes rough because of course we shave there and spray lots of irritating deodorants on the area.

I don’t worry about my arm pits, because quite frankly, I don’t go waving my arms in the hair like I just don’t care that often.

Shills bust exfoliator-4.jpg

If you saw a woman posing like this in the street, wouldn’t you just run up to her and give her a tickle? Provided she wasn’t sweaty…

shills bust exfoliator .jpg

So whats in this? They say:

An Exfoliator which easily removes rough pores and black aftershave dots at underarms! This soft, gentle and fine exfoliator deeply removes dead skin below your arms and on the chest. It whitens skin, enhances moisture levels and improves skin elasticity.

With added Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Gingko extract, Aloe extract and Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Powder Extract to help refine pores, balances sensitive skin and improves skin elasticity around underarms and bust.

shills bust exfoliator.jpg

The scrub itself is quite a rich foamy texture with little scrubby beads in it.

Shills bust exfoliator-1.jpg

You can use this scrub on other affected areas where you may shave like your legs, knees, chest area if you have large pores there etc. etc. etc.

I was concerned about how gentle this would be. I have sensitive arm pits as it is (I avoid a lot of deodorants because itchy pits is not very nice). However I used this with little problem…I used it in the shower, left it for a minute or two then gave it a scrub.

Good idea to scrub under the pits anyway, since ingrown hair must be rife round there!

Here it is (no you can not see my arm pits):

shills bust exfoliator-2.jpg


shills bust exfoliator-3.jpg

Much brighter, and smoother – can you see? Quite happy with this result, I think its rather nice and with no adverse effect on me, I will be continue using this especially for the summer.

I think this may be a good product for ladies who tend to suffer from the little black dots after shaving, I think this would really clear your skin up (superficially anyway).

You get 100ml and you use it 1-2 times a week


Hydrolyzed soy protein, Gingko extract, Aloe extract, Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Powder Extract, Long-effect moisturizing factor, Arbutin, Hyaluronate, Chamomile extract, Vitamin B3 derivatives, Allantoin, Aloe extract, White tea, BIOWHITE, White mulberry extract, Saxifrage extract, Scutellaria extract and Grape extract.

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  1. liloo says

    This is, by a mile, my favourite post from you. I am still giggling and will be for a long time. Just so funny :) Aww before and after picture : bless. Pictures have an unfortunate lighting change, so it’s hard to tell.
    best bit: waving my arms in the hair like I just don’t care = haha

  2. says

    hahaha, i agree with liloo – this made me giggly and faintly nauseous. I have no idea why but arm pits exposed like that…. i have a thing that if anyone touches me under there let alone tickles *shudders*. I’m not sure I could bare to use the product! Does make sense though

  3. May says


    Just wondering where did u buy the shills skin friendly? I wanna try. Pls reply to my email ya.

    Thank u so much for introducing to public :))