Rock Face Minerals + Le Maquillage Make Up Mixer = Perfect Foundation

As mentioned in the earlier post I have been mixing up my own foundation using Le Maquillage Make Up Mixer from PAM (make up provisions store) and powder foundation.

I have been using Rock Face Minerals too because it’s a UK mineral foundation that is affordable and you get tons of it – I’ve been mixing two shades together.


I just wanted to say how brilliant the Make Up Mixer is at…well mixing things! Sound stupid but it’s perfect – it takes seconds to turn a powder into a liquid product that is highly wearable on the skin…

A squirt of the mixer – just a bit in needed and a sprinkle of the mineral foundation:


A quick swirl and you can see how it blends the foundation seamlessly. Trust me it was not this easy with my normal day cream plus with dry skin, it totally sunk in a disappeared leaving the powder quite cakey looking.


It works or other products too, such as bronzer. This is the powder bronzer product from Rock Face Minerals with a dot of the mixer:


Here is the result – it looks just like a liquid bronzer!


What a handy product! I’ll be making all sorts of blushers, eyeshadows, foundations with this! Admittedly it takes time so I will premix my base perhaps in weekly batches!

Do you do any beauty DIY?

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  1. Jen says

    It’s almost like there’s some ingredient in there that’s acting as a solvent, and then another one that keeps the pigment “emulsified” to give the perfect consistency and no caking…I think I’d probably go OTT making liquid versions of every powder I own lol I used to love chemistry experiments!
    This is a definite on my To-Buy list!

  2. M says

    Thanks for the review .. May I know if this is silicone based and if this is safe to use on the eye as primer?
    So, it looks like a mixing medium to me. Then, it would be good for dried gel eyeliner as well ? And thinning the cream foundation ?