Review: Sally Hansen Fast & Flawless Airbrush Make Up

I saw this Sally Hansen Airbrush Foundation on eBay for £3 so had to try it out even though the shade Beach Sable, looked a bit light for me. I just wanted to try out the the base spray mechanism:

sally hansen flawless airbrush beach sable.jpg

They say: Liquid Makeup in a Can! Mistake-Proof Application Every Time! Revolutionary liquid makeup in an aerosol can provides a flawless, airbrush look. With SPF 8 sunburn protection. Lightweight formula imparts an invisible, impeccable finish. Long-wearing. Water-resistant.

Here it is! Foundation in a can! As wrong as cheese in a tube:

sally hansen fast and flawless airbrush.jpg

I also own the SKII Airbrush foundation, which was ££££ and with that one, you can spray it directly on to the face. I don’t have the patience for it, but I can appreciate the technology that went into it.

The Sally Hansen foundation is a spray but its not to be used directly on the face. No, no, no, no.
This foundation bubbles on the skin, it fizzes:

sally hansen airbrush foundation.jpg

After the fizzing, I used a brush to apply. As you can see, Beach Sable is way way way too light for me. The foundation seems to evaporate quickly, and leaves a medium coverage on the skin. Its somewhat dry and cakey in the finish:

sally hansen airbrush foundation-1.jpg

Yuk. Yuk. Yuk. On the skin – well on my skin anyway, its dry and streaky. Because it dries quickly I don’t have much time to blend it in anyway. It looks cakey and horrible on my skin:

sally hansen foundation.jpg

To be fair, its a liquid base but it gives medium coverage. Still – I do not like this foundation. Yak is the word.

Had better experiences with this than me? Let me know!

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  1. says

    I read some reviews on the Sally Hansen AirBrush Foundation & heard it was quite good. Although, I think it was from the Sally Hansen Naturally Inspired by Carmindy line… or something along that line. The bubbly/fizz looks very unappealing. Is it just me or does aerosol can products look unappealing all together? Well not just look but I think about all the toxins that come out of the can & into the air or on my face… ugh -shudder-.

    • Row says

      Oh dear, anon from Australia….I presume your the monkey? I already said it is too light I am commenting on the TEXTURE and FINISH – the colour is secondary. Now off you go, troll