Review: Lush Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar & Jungle Solid Conditioner

I had to rush into town today to buy a few supplies and it was heaving with people! Queues, queues everywhere! Still, true pro and nudger-out-of-the-wayer that I am I managed to shove (politely) and god my errands done in half an hour!

I ran into Lush which was so busy there was a one way system. Whilst grabbing some gifts, I picked up Snowcake Soap, since Muse is always praising it – and I have a sensitive scalp so I got Squeaky Green Solid Shampoo (£3.95) – I had researched and this was the only shampoo bar without SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) which makes soap lather but can be an irritant.

I’ll use Lush’s pictures becaue they are so cute:

Staying on the theme of Green, I tried out the Jungle Solid Conditioner Bar!

The top ingredient is Cocoa Butter – I have some pure Cocoa Butter somewhere and this stuff is sticky, but Lush I’m sure know better than me! Here it is:

So I’ve had a good wash with my new products, and what do I think?

Firstly, Snowcake Soap is lovely! It feels completely creamy – and isn’t too drying like normal soaps. You can almost see the creamyness dripping of the soap mmm and it smells of vanilla and almond. I might get another since the soap is released seasonally.

The Shampoo Bar is lovely too. It lathers nicely and didn’t take to long to rub into my giagantic mop I call hair. I really rubbed it into the scalp and it feels – well, squeaky clean now! Normally, I can feel the urge to itch within an hour of washing but I don’t sense that at all which is a huge bonus!

Squeaky Green smells of mild mint and rosemary but the scent is subtle.

Jungle is a little harder to use…you are supposed to rub it over the hair and rinse. It is difficult to use the bar because it is very hard textured so when you warm it and get the product its like a milky water…if you have long, thick hair like me, its difficult to know if you have everything covered!

Also, it didn’t detangle whilst my hair was still wet. Now that my hair is dry, yes it does feel very soft and it has helped smooth it out but hasn’t made taking out the bigger knots any easier. Maybe there is a better technqiue but I found getting the product into the hair tricky.

The scent is lovely, like grassy-rosey-chamomile.

I will stick with it! I hope it gets easier to use cos I had to grab a big bar – no time to ask them to cut!

I completely recommend Snowcake, and Squeaky Green. Jungle is nice for kids, boys and ladies with short hair, but let’s face it, I need industrial strength de-tanglier for my mop!

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