Review: Integrate Shiseido Double Impact Liner – hmmmm

When I saw this Integrate Double Impact Liner, I was dying for it. This has a liner on one end and a silver liner/shadow on the other. There is also a brown/black variation:


Eventually it came up at a decent price, so I was all over it!:


Integrate is such a hit and miss brand. Their mascara is WONDERFUL. Their eyeshadow palettes – well it depends. Their blushers – meh. The black liner side is a beautiful true black:


The silver side – hmm. The applicator is a very hard, angled – I can only describe it as cuticle stick. It is as hard as a cuticle stick (why oh why isn’t is a sponge or a brush?) and it makes it so so so so so hard to apply because

a. It hurts

b. Its too hard

c. It gives an uneven finish

Nice colour though:


God I was looking forward to this so much, so badly, and it was just so disappointing because of the crappy silver side. And it all came down to the applicator.

The colour is also not opaque enough:


Blah blah bah blah:

DSC03601 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

This was a huge disappointment for me – I was looking forward to it and it was stunning on the model, where she wore the silver as a true, opaque line. This product is a FAIL.

You can buy this from for $20.

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