Review: Freedom 24:7 Cordless Hair Straightener

I have a secret addiction to hair appliances….which makes no sense as I am super lazy with my hair. Super lazy. Wash and Go was invented for me.

And this is my newest addition – Freedom 24:7 cordless hair straighteners.

Another one of my favourite things – portability.

Freedom 24_7, Cordless Hair Straightener, Portable Straightener, Ceramic Styler.jpg

I wasn’t kidding when I said I have a hair appliance additions. I must have about 6 types of curling tongs, 3 types of rollers, 4 hair dryers. Portable hair tools – I have a few. In the past I have tried a Babyliss travel straightener which takes batteries (I think) and a Braun one which takes the gas refills. Both utterly useless.


They say: With it’s top quality salon standard floating ceramic and tourmaline plates that heat up to 200 degrees in around 60 seconds, the super effective little Freedom 24:7 Ceramic styler will leave your hair shining and radiant! Whether your hair is fine or heavy, straight or curly, the variable heat settings will ensure your locks are catered for!

It also comes with the rechargeable base and all the extra plugs so you can use it around the world.


I could tell you how bit this thing is or I could just show you – and there’s one language that we around the world share – no, not love. Television.

As you can see the straightener is the same size as a Sky remote. Oh Sky remote. Ye who holds the Sky remote rules the world.


Now….let’s address the pros and cons of this nifty little tool.


1. It is COMPACT. Truly compact. I had no issues at all throwing this into my bag on the way to work or on the way to the shops (sshhhhh. That’s what giant handbags are for). I hate compact things that are just about compact, not truly compact. This is very compact for a hair straightener.

2. Its rechargeable. No gas cylinders, no batteries, no upkeep in terms of cost (ok, the electricity bill) but isn’t that what your Mum’s house is for? Recharging stuff?

3. Its good. It gets pretty hot at 200c and with my wiry, thick, bushy Asian hair, it did a good job. It would take forever to do my whole head, but I just like to top up anyway.

Note – the the other thing they say is that this is NOT to replace your GHD’s or regular straighteners – this is for on the go and top ups.


1. The price – its around £90 – £100 depending where you get it.

2. The way it shuts. It doesn’t automatically close shut, it uses a piece of fabric that you need to put the plates through to secure. An easier to use clip type thing would have been a bit easier. I’d really suggest a case for this too – the last thing you need is to put a 200c hot straightener in you bag.

It comes in pink!

Freedom 24_7, Cordless Hair Straightener, Portable Straightener, Pink Straightener.jpg


For sure this is the best portable hair tool I have tried. So it works – but is it worth the price? That depends on how often you will use it and if you need a portable tool. If you are organised and always have your hair done in the morning, I guess this will be less useful to you.

If you travel a lot, if you are always in a rush (like me), if you spend a lot of time away from home or you go to the gym then I imagine you will get a lot of use of this – in which case its worth getting one that works so you don’t end up with a hair-product-graveyard like me.

It’s not a replacement for a GHD though! But it is good and easy to maintain because of its rechargeable element.

You can buy this from Just Beautifully.

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  1. kathryn white says

    I have received my 24/7 hair straightners. I cannot get them to work. I plug them into the mains charger and have charged them for over 10 hours. They still do not work, either when plugged in or with the plug removed. The orange light comes on when plugged in but they dont get hot. I googled to see if I could find any help as the instructions in the box are useless. Lots of people say you must remove the plastic on the battery but I cant see any. The other advice is to not use the mains plug and simply plug straight into the charger base but i dont seem to have a charger base. Can you help?

    • Row says

      Hi Kathryn

      I really don’t know – the best thing to do is to contact the manufactuer I am sure they will help or exchange?

  2. Lucy says

    I am looking at buying some straightners for camping where i have no access to electricity – how is the battery life on these straightners?
    They sound great if the battery life is too!

  3. Lindsay says

    I have received these straighteners yesterday and I had the same problem with them not working and I contacted the supplier, who said that they have had issues with the batteries. They are sending me a new fully charged battery out to see if that rectifies the problem. If not, they said it’s fine for me to still return them and they will check them to see what the problem is and send me a new pair