Reader Love: Casuelle Glitter & Sticky Stuff!

I have the best readers. Why?

I had mentioned my search for a really good sticky gel for holding down glitter and reader Cucumpear spotted this glitter and fixing gel and sent it to me.

How sweet!

Here are the products she sent:

casuelle eyeshadow glitter primer gel.jpg

Along with the gel came a lovely deep purple glitter.

sliver glitter eyeshadow pigment.jpg

The gel is not too thick (like lip gloss which is impossible to get off). Its quite liquid and doesn’t feel to tacky to touch – but it works extremely well.

Here’s the test! Stick…..

glitter pigment eyeshadow.jpg

More stick…Layer it on….layer and relayer….

glitter eye make up eyeshadow.jpg

Ta Da! It works like a dream!

I’m afraid I don’t know much about the Casuelle brand but Cucumpear told me its an inexpensive brand – can anyone enlighten us?

Here is how it looks on:

glitter eyeshadow primer make up.jpg

A close up – do you like?

Glitter Eyeshadow Make Up Pigment.jpg

Yay! I adore this product it seems to work well even with this extremely chunky glitter so it would hold fine pigments extremely well I’m sure.

Thank you Cucumpear for thinking of me during your shopping expedition!

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  1. Naz says

    Whoa I’d love to know where I can find that stuff! My eyes are so sensitive I can’t even use MAC Glitter Reflets but if I found a great fixing gel…

  2. says

    how long does it last on your eyes? and i’m just curious, where and when can you wear this kind of glittery make eyeshadow?