Paul & Joe Mail Order at Fenwick

I have been salivating over the Paul & Joe Christmas Collection since it came out on the 1st Oct. Some collections I’ve loved and left, like the Bobbi Brown stuff. But the Paul & Joe, I know I could sacrifice some other purchases for.

I don’t know why Paul & Joe still feels very luxurious to me – I feel like its too pretty and I don’t want to ruin it by using it. Anyway…

So I had a choice of doing mail order via Fenwick or Harrods. Since the interior or Harrods offends me, I went for Fenwick on 02076299161 ext 277 for Paul & Joe.

I spoke to a very lovely lade called Yoshi (there’s also a Yoshi on RMK in Manchester!) who was helpful and took my rather big order. It was a disgusting amount….never order over the phone whilst browsing the net, cos then you go..oohh yes that one…and that one…and that one too.

I ordered (sick, its sick)

The three red limited lipsticks (I don’t even like red)

The 5 new eye glosses (I love eye glosses with a passion)

3 of the pearl powders (I don’t like loose pigment shadows!)

2 of the new eyeliners

The new kitty bag :)

A duo mascara

A face colour in 13,a bronzy shade

The new moisturizing primer

The newish Creamy Powder foundation

I think that’s it. I don’t quite get how it came up to as much as it did, which was a LOT, so I am guessing they prices have been hiked up since the last time I bought Paul and Joe – a quid here, a quid there, and suddenly you’ve spend £30 more than you thought.

A few gripes –

They can only ship to the billing address. Lucky for them I have a few holidays so am at home to receive it…IF it arrives tomorrow as they’ve promised.

The shipping is £4.50 but they called me back to say because there’s so much stuff its £8. For £8 I expect special delivery, not recorded-which-isn’t-worth-the-paper-its-written-on and a fancy box and lots of padding. What if someone ordered homewares or some shoes how much would the shipping go up to then? Surely a company as big as Fenwick have to absorb some of the cost (and I don’t think a few eyeshadows and lipsticks would be that heavy).

Anyway I have no problem with the customer service other than that. So we are banking on

24 hour delivery
Special delivery
Everything arriving as per ordered and in one piece.
A few free samples?!?!?! C’mon I just spent $$$$$

Shall report back!

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  1. says

    WOW Amazing Haul!

    I could almost swear you will not regret it, apart from teh things I already raved about I have two of the red lipsticks (only skipped the matte one) and the bronzy brown blush. They are all love!

    Looking at your haul makes me think whether I should go back for the eye glosses in pink and lavender…. or maybe I should wait for your pics… Hmmm I feel like going there today!

    I’m a bit shocked at the delivery though, I’d imagine a big store like that would absorve the postage costs and provide excellent service…

    Anywya, great haul! Looking forward for your review :-)

  2. Row says

    Hey Ana Marta!

    Thanks for that – I am already feeling really really guilty, but it everything is great then I can’t complain!!! :) I’ve bought everything blind – the foundation, the eyeshadows, the pencils…arrgghhh. But I trust Paul & Joe! I trust!

    You should go there today and say to Yoshi, you served my friend this morning on the phone I hope you put lots of samples and goodies in her £8 Box! (Im still quite pissy about that) :)

  3. says

    Hey Row! I ended up going there today and getting more 3 eye glosses! I only missed the gold because I already have too many golds…

    Anyway, spoke to Yoshi, she says you’ll probably receive it tomorrow and apparentely she also sent you some nice goodies. And she’d love you coming to London for the event in November with the canadian makeup artist Greg something.

    I’m not related 😉 I just adore Paul & Joe!