Paul & Joe Christmas Haul

There’s some collections you see that just give you judders – Paul & Joe’s was one of them.

My haulage arrived and I haven’t been SO excited for a long time.

The shoe box:

These are the free gifts I got – a set of three matching bags:

Skincare samples:

There was also a very cute Paul & Joe Catalogue:

Kitty had a go:

Now back to the goodies!

I had to buy the new cosmetic bag because it was kitty related (£20):

Paul & Joe released some new Pearl Powders, like a loose pigment. I got 3 shades, 01 Champage Gold, 02 Blaze an Orange Copper and 03 Brown.

The texture of these are extremely light and airy; almost creamy because they are so fine and soft. I have a TON of MAC pigments and I rarely, rarely use them. I find them a bit messy and depending on the pigment, a tad on the grainy side. The Paul & Joe pigments are soft and refined – they are the sophisticated version of MAC pigments, giving a soft creamy colour that isn’t OTT at all.


All three are fairly practical and can be used with other colours. Blaze is especially nice.

Paul & Joe Pearl Pigments = I like! 8/10

I adore the Eye Glosses. I have lots of cream eyeshdadows in a similar form (Beaute de Kose’s, Visee’s etc.) but none are as beautiful as these. I already love the ones that exist and the new eye glosses have been reformulated to perfection. I had to get all five (£15):

01 – Gold
02 – Silver
03 – Lilac
04 – Pink
05 – Brown


01 – the gold and 02 – silver are beautiful and makes a stunning base for everthing else.  There are already some like this in the old 5.  03 and 04 are pretty colours that look good but I wouldn’t say are essential.  They are light colours so better as a base.  05, is an absolutley GORGEOUS metallic brown.  Its really beautiful.  I think P&J should release more of these strong colours in this range.

If you are new to the eye glosses I recommend 01 and 05.

I also decided to dabble in 2 pencils too – a dark green called envy and a gold (£10.50):

They sure are pretty but on…they look nice but they didn’t blow me away.  I haven’t tried them on my eyes yet though so I can’t give a full verdict.  Swatches:

Then there were the 3 limited edition Paul & Joe Red Lipsticks.  I don’t even like red listicks but these looked so chic (£18)

001 is Velveteen -a sheer red

002 is Red Ribbon – a medium cream red

003 is Red Velvet – a strong matte red

Now looking at them here they look the same.  The main difference lies in the texture.

Now – I adore the packaging for these lipsticks.  However, the difference in the texture didn’t seem THAT great to me.  Also I was hoping for that P&J creaminess you see with the original range of lipsticks – perhaps it was because it was still cold in the morning but these lipsticks, as you can see from the swatch didn’t melt away like I expected.

01 is the lightest texture and the most wearble.  02 has a pinkish tinge to it – I’m not sure that’s for me, a pinkish-red? Hmmm.  03 is a nice true red but I am not convinced about its texture – it doesn’t seem creamy enough.  I will give these another go on the lips and I they do sure look pretty in the tube but I need to be convinced they are worth £18 each.

I also got the primer mascara (£16):

I don’t know why but the black side looks dark grey:

Not tried this yet so no verdict!

I loved the pic of the new Moisturizing Primer and Creamy Powder Foundation:

The primer comes in 3 shades.  I chose shade 02 which is the only one with a hint of warm colour.  03 is a cream without UV protection but also works as a treatment too.

Creamy powder foundation in 040 (£25.50):

I bought this blind but I was told 30 and 40 were yellow based to it would probably be between the two.  I think this one matches my skin fine!

Finally I got the Facecolour in 13 which is a bronzy shade.

It’s kinda golden and very shimmery.

Phew! I’m tired from all that.  Do you want anything from this collection?

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  1. says

    I LOVE Paul & Joe products and their eye glosses are super pretty! I would love to try their mascara with base and you’re right, it looks gray instead of black :) can’t wait to hear more your side about the products :)

  2. grace says

    where did you buy this from?? i want to find out how much the kitty makeup bag is. but its not the one you’ve got.. its a fold over one and its white and blue?? Do you know which one?

  3. Row says

    Hey Phoebe

    Well to be honest I would never use a pigment without some kind of sticky base, whether its primer or creme shadow so they bost last well. The texture of the Pearl powder is finer and softer than pigments from MAC I think.

  4. Row says

    Hi Grace

    This pouch was £20. I think the one you want, the fold over one is the one being released as a LE kit, with a blush and a lipstick. The SA told me it won’t be released in the UK til next year because of delay in the Japanese factories though!