Oral B Triumph 9900 Toothbrush with Smart Guide

I spend so much on bits of tat, that I decided I needed to make an investment for my mouth. Nope, not some gobstoppers – a new toothbrush!

Apparently Oral B Triumph 9900 is one that is recommended by dentists. Not the dentists I know because they are largely illiterate and enjoy putting the fear of God into you.

You know the drilling smell? You know the burning smell? *chills*

Despite this I know I need some fillings. I am going to ignore that, and pretend I can brush them away.

The Oral B:


They say it:

# Improves gum health: Helps prevent and reverse gingivitis
# Provides ultimate plaque removal
# Delivers superior teeth whitening and polishing action in 21 days*
# Penetrates between teeth to sweep away plaque for a floss-like clean**
# Helps reduce excessive brushing force, which can lead to gum recession, by up to 88% in only 30 days†
# Guaranteed better checkups, or your money back
# Helps you brush for two minutes


I already have an electric toothbrush but its a cheapy £20 one which is ok, not brilliant.


You get:

# 1 x Triumph rechargeable toothbrush
# 1 x SmartGuide brushing aid
# 1 x Charging stand
# 1 x FlossAction brushhead
# 1 x ProBright brushhead
# 1 x Travel Case


The big feature of this is that it comes with a separate unit called the smart guide. Here, there’s a timer, a ‘quadrant’ which shows you where to move on to (imagine the mouth split into four parts, top and bottom teeth, 30 seconds each area). It is also a clock and tells you if you are pressing too hard. Yes…it is THAT clever.

So this took ages to charge up fully – about 12 hours. When it was – wow – watch it go! The brush is new so it is a little hard on my sensitive gums but I just pressed lightly (if you press too hard then a red cross will appear on the smart guide).

You seriously need to but this in your mouth before you turn it on because its super charged with power and goes crazy = toothpaste everywhere. I am still getting used to the full force of it.

I like:

1. How CLEAN it gets your teeth. It really does feel amazingly clean and fresh, removes even stubborn plaque. Its better than a normal toothbrush and its better than my cheaper Oral B toothbrush. My teeth look whiter too and the polisher (which you shouldn’t use too often) really makes the gleam.

2. The smartguide is useful – if you have the timer on your toothbrush you can’t look at it whilst you are brushing so having a separate timer is great.

3. You can use a number of attachments on it, like a flosser and water pic. If you have sensitive teeth like me then that’s pretty useful.

4. It comes with a stand that has room to put your brush heads in. I always lose my

I don’t like:

1. Nothing, but if I was nitpicking, the price? But it’s on sale at Boots though so I bought it for £68.40 – I’d spend that on a bit of make up so why not on my gnashers!

You can buy it here and collect the boots points!

Dentist! Who needs an overpriced dentist! *ow ow ow*

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    • Row says

      Hey Abby

      Have you ever had a filling? it just smells like your mouth is on fire!

  1. louise says

    Hi Row,hope you are well.Just a quick email to ask if you have every used any of liz earle products?I have so many of my customers saying they love it and now my mum and nan are on to it, they have been buying it from qvc and looking at the reviews on there they look great but i need a proper opinion on this and i trust you,can you help? luv lou x

    • Row says

      Hi Louise!

      I actually tried the range out before – the post is here: http://www.cosmetic-candy.com/?p=2691

      A lot of people love Liz Earle. I thought it was….ok. Not drop dead amazing, but not bad. The cleanser was quite nice to use, the toner I still have a full bottle of – it was ok but I felt like my skin was a bit greasy. They are both really floral – I mean she sells her stuff on being quite natural but I’m not sure how natural it *really* is. Overall I’d say its better than a lot of stuff you would find on the high street but its not AMAZING. I didn’t repurchase when I finished the scrub or the cleanser, and I wouldn’t really buy from the brand again, but I don’t have anything against them….

      If I find something amazing, I’ll letcha know? I think I am getting there with creams but not there yet with cleansers! xxx

  2. says

    Fantastic toothbrush.Itfulfil most of the requirement whose are expected from a toothbrush with better guaranted cheeckups that i have ever seen.It added exatra facilities than other cheaper brush.Thanks a lot.