Ooh Ahh Brows: Kose Cosmagic Lock On Eyebrow Pencil Review

Earlier this week, I reviewed the Hyper Beam Eyeliner by Cosmagic, a tiny range by Kose. I have also purchased the Lock On Eyebrow Pencil from the range to review!

kose cosmeport Eyebrow pencil.jpg

I don’t have THAT many brow products. I have a range from Anastasia, I have a Shu Uemura Hard Pencil, I have a brow pencil from MAC and various brow powders. My brows are quite dark so its not an everyday product for me.

This product tells you to CHECK!

Kose Cosmagic Brow Pencil.jpg

Before I carry on, I need to know that I found a video of this product in use. Watch it….if you like:

I’m mildly peed off, because only when watching these videos (second one at the end of this post) did I realise that this product comes with an eyebrow stencil.

I had no idea! Its transparent and must have been hidden in the packaging (which is now at the bottom of some massive rubbish tip, I’m sure.) Please people, make and attachments and extras clearer!

Anyway, annoyance aside here is the pencil:

cosmagic eyebrow pencil kose .jpg

This pretty much looks like the other pencil items from Cosmagic.

They Say:

1. Square Cut Pencil – Different sides of square cut pencil surface for drawing different parts of eyebrow.

2. Long Keep Make-up – Long lasting make-up ingredients for long keep make-up.

3. Bimayu Master-Plate – Comes with the eyebrow drawing template (transparent) attached with the packaging.

4. Skin Nourishment – Organic plant ingredients, comes with collagen for skin nourishment.

cosmagic eyebrow pencil .jpg

This brow pencil comes at an angle so you can do soft strokes but also use the pointed end for precision. There are a few pencils like this (Boots No. 7’s brow pencil is similar).

A guide:

cosmagic eyebrow pencil.jpg

Anyway I tried the product out. Because I have so mach brow naturally, I am always trimming and playing with the shape.

One day I will mess with them and they won’t grow back! (as my mother would say).


eyebrow make up pencil .jpg


cosmagic eyebrow pencil shading.jpg


I like it! I think its quite natural and buildable in terms of pigment and coverage.

Also, as its quite waxy, it leaves colour on your hairs rather than the skin. I like it, I think the shape makes it easy to use and my brows look dark but not too painted in.

Yes I like it would recommend it.

I got this in shade BR-2 (Light Brown).

P.S. This is the second video with the Bimayu template which I accidentally THREW AWAY. Annoying:

Its $13.95 from here.

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  1. ivy says

    wow your eyebrows look amazing! are there any dupes for this product? because i dont think i can get a hold of it? and my eyebrows look about the same color as yours

    • Row says

      Hi Ivy

      They sell it on adambeauty.com they ship world wide. KATE and LAVSHUCA also do one of these style pencils 😀