My favourite Face Mask (Nars Mud Mask), ever!

I was just thinking of trying out the Nars Facial soap – apparently good for clogged pores and blackheads and just thought I reiterate how much I love their face mask.

This is the mud mask, and it is well worth the £33.00. Most masks leave my skin a little red and bumpy afterwards and because I have sensitive skin, different formulas can leave me a bit itchy. Nars Mud Mask is great because it seems to calm the skin down, so there is no redness or irritation after, just smooth clear skin.

Seriously, get down to Nars and I think they are quite generous with giving out samples.

My 7 year old cousin modelling the face mask.

She knows what a T-Zone, a A-Zone and what pores are! The power of advertising!

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  1. Vanessa says

    awwww!! OMG that is the cutest picture ever! She is adorable!

    As for choosing what makeup to bring with me, I base it on my outfits. :) So the outfits I pack have to match with the makeup and voila! Makes it A LOT easier!