My Canmake Haul from Japan!

Reader Kuri rather sweetly helped my purchase some Canmake goodies from Japan!

I will go through the items and review them bit by bit! I have always loved the look of Canmake although the prices were too high on beauty shops – its an extremely affordable drugstore level brand after all.

Thanks for all the shiny glittery strands Clare!

Japanese haul make up skincare.jpg

The items:

Canmake Make Up Haul Eyeshadow Face Colour Jelly Eyes.jpg

Ever tried Canmake? Like it? Hate it?

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  1. says

    I’m so .. SO jealous of these cream blush, can you imagine, on my trip to lahore( pakistan’s city) I was unable to find even one single cream blush.*dies*
    I was about to order canmake blushes frm yesstyle , but delivery was $28 ..YES , so friggin expensive for a products costing less than $30. *sighs* well what can we do.

  2. sue says

    Please, please, please do a swatch on the three eye gloss(?)! The colors are perfect for spring :)

  3. liloo says

    Never heard of can make before you mentionned it on twitter
    what i like the best is the holographic glittery strands, <3 love love love.
    i want some x

  4. Dana says

    Hey lovely haul! Please swatch these! My friend is going to Japan so I want to let her know what I want. Thank you and love your blog!

  5. Jerlaine says

    Nice haul! I have 3 of their Nudy Glow lipglosses, their lip concealer and one of the cream blushes (which I haven’t dipped my grubby fingers into yet). But the lip concealer and glosses work really well for me. Hope you’ll like them too!

  6. says

    OMG! All looks so good! I really hate that here at Brazil we don’t have too many good brands of makeup, and if you try to buy online the shipping can be really high.
    I loved the green eye shadow.