Monday Giveaway: 5 Sets of Tanatomicals Self Tan Range and brand overview!

From the people at Anatomicals, comes Tanatomicals, a self tan range featuring 4 products each hilariously named and pH balanced (including aloe vera).  They’re scented with my absolute favourite – Pina Colada (coconut and pineapple)! Now you can not only look like you’ve been on holiday, you can smell like it too!

I will review the product shortly, but also I have 5 sets of two of the products, Because only Bacon Should Be Streaky and Holy Grail For The Deathly Pale Tanning Mousse:

Because Only Bacon Should Be Streaky Natural Looking Tanning Cream

And also….



The Holy Grail for the Deathly Pale Self Tan Mousse

I LOVE the packaging for this range – what do you think? it’s totally unconventional, the names are crazy and that’s why I like it and will give it a chance!

The full range:


There’s Get A Tan Without Looking Like Your Gran (Instant Tan 125ml), Me Tarzan, You Jane. We Cheaters (Instant Spray Tan 150ml), Because Only Bacon Should Be Streaky (Tanning Cream 125ml) and The Holy Grail For The Deathly Pale (Mousse 150ml).  All the products are £6.99 and available from Superdrug NOW!

Ok the giveaway!

I’ll keep it simple today. Simply answer the following question to win!

If you could incorporate your favourite food into a beauty product, what would it be called and what would it do ?

My Answer:

Seeing as Tanatomicals has already taken my beloved Bacon, then I will go for my current craving which is Sashimi.

Sashmi Silver Slivers Cheek Shader will be a pretty coral pinky salmon shade with slithers of silver to make it look like a mineralized blush. HOT! Will NOT smell of fish.


Tantomicals do have a twitter @tanatomicals and a Facebook Page if you are interested in the range.




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  1. says

    I can never decide on a favourite food, so how about a Pizza Palette. It would contain soft nigh-matte shadows in warm cream, bright red and vivid green, a deep brown gel liner, a tomato red lip and cheek stain, and a nice clear lip balm (all creamy products would be packaged properly with a tightly closed lid). And like you said, not actually with a matching scent.
    That being said, Tanatomicals make my current favourite lip balm (the stick it where the sun does shine stick) with SPF 30. Stays on for hours.

  2. electronicfly says

    Watermelon! Err.. Watermelon Melon Growing Cream? O.O Lol! It’ll probably be some 100% natural boob enhancing cream that must smell like watermelon! (Company shall not be liable for injuries caused if boobs grow to size of watermelons)

  3. Inês says

    Hm, I really love sushi, and sushi for me always feels fresh and summery, almost like the sensation when you enter a pool applied to food… Maybe a Sushi body lotion, for refreshing your legs and body! With delicious aromas like mango, papaya or cucumber, things that I use when I make my California rolls! Ah, I’m craving sushi now!

  4. Alyssa says

    i really love Pho, Pho is a vietnamese soup (i am vietnamese)! This soup always makes me feel really warm and relaxed! And i would make a warm soothing pho and lemon mask! the mask would get hot of your face when applied opening pours and then stay warm for a few min and then when the mask is taken off your face gets a breath of coldness and that would close the pores! therefore cleaning the face and relaxing all at the same time!

  5. says

    Cheese! I would have a brand called Cheesy Concealer and name all the shades after cheeses. Pale girls could wear white stilton, fair could be mild cheddar. Girls who’ve applied too much fake tan could be Red Leicester. Maybe Cheese and Branston for darker girls? So many possibilities!

  6. says

    I love cotton candy, so I’d put it in a hair mask.And it’d make my hair smell like cotton candy!And I’d call it cot-hair-andy.Or something :)

  7. Jen says

    Ahhhh…I LOVE the idea of the pho mask from Alyssa (my family lived in Vietnam before moving to UK)…I’d be so tempted to eat it 😀

    If I had to come up with a product, it’d be something like Green Tea icecream Hand cream, and it’d come in a jar shaped like a scoop of green tea icecream (much in the style of those B & C handcreams!)

  8. says

    I was thinking chocolate but wasn’t sure of make-up products to do with that but then my thoughts went on to ice-cream so I would probably make eyeshadow palletes names after ice-cream flavours e.g. mint choc chip ice-cream could be different shades of green and a couple of browns, strawberry could have pinks and whites etc or it could be a palette with eyeshadow, lipgloss and blusher in there to do with the ice cream flavours. Would have to come out in the summer and market it to do with British seaside holidays, fun!
    Oh, just seen the comment from Jen about Green Tea icecream hand cream, lol I’m not copying the food idea!

  9. Daisybeebee says

    It would have to be lemon sorbet eyebalm, refreshing, cooling and full of youthful zest.

  10. says

    Mine would defo have to be the smell of orange and lemon zest ..I would make a cellulite product called “goodbye orange peel” with little bursting beeds of lemonyness :) x x

  11. Lorna Peppiatt says

    Tia Maria, I’d have a lip balm mmmm and hand cream made in this flavour, delicious!