Monday Giveaway: 3 x NouriFusion Skincare Sets from Herbalife

Its Monday Giveaway time!

Today I’ve got three gorgeous skincare sets (I’ve sniffed them, but unfortunately they’re not for me!) as prizes.

The skincare is NouriFusion® from Herbalife and is worth £35 and contains Multivitamin Cleanser, Toner and a Moisturiser with SPF 15. It comes in a gift set and all products are full size!

Nourifusion Kit.jpg

They say:

Herbalife’s NouriFusion® Multivitamin Skincare Range:
Take control and boost your sex appeal with luminous skin that’s irresistible, thanks to Herbalife NouriFusion®, a multivitamin skincare range that will leave skin clean, clear and satisfied. Combining the best of science and nature, Herbalife NouriFusion® contains a unique blend of herbal ingredients and vitamins A, C, and E to deliver optimised nutrition to your skin leaving it replenished and radiating with health inside and out.

Want to win it?

There are three ways to enter and each method counts as one entry…
Method 1: Leave and Comment and Answer This:

We’re talking crushes. Who was your:

1. First Ever Crush
2. High School Crush
3. Dream Crush
4. Ugly Man Crush
4. Current Crush. Not allowed to say your partner!


1. I wasn’t allowed to fancy real boys so I think it was Gary Lineker. This snotty girl at school collected the football stickers so she’d show me the one of Gary Lineker a lot – brainwashing.

2. Ronan Keating – for years and years tragically enough because I wasn’t allowed to go near real boys (see 1.)

3. Wentworth Miller – man is perfection but definitely a sausage fan.

4. I’d have to say Charlie Brooker (grumpy panda) or Trey Parker (South Park Creator) or Niles Crane from Frasier (the TV series).

5. I’m over crushes. I have a Candyman and these days my major crushes happen when I’m in the Selfridges bag hall.

OR Method 2:

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: RT to Win one of 3 NouriFusion Skincare Sets from Herbalife. For info go to –

OR Method 3:
Join my Facebook page!

Winners will be emailed a few days after the contest ends so please make sure you provide a valid email otherwise I have to pick someone else out of the hat.

For further information on Herbalife products please visit

Good Luck!

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  1. says

    1. First Ever Crush: gee, probably this boy Casey in 3rd or 4th grade. So charming and such a gentlemen.
    2. High School Crush:
    3. Dream Crush: Takeshi Kaneshiro + Keanu Reeves (especially when he’s buff but w/out a crew cut)
    4. Ugly Man Crush: That’s difficult. My crushes tend to be pretty boys. Oh, maybe Clive Owen.
    5. Current Crush. Not allowed to say your partner!: Haven’t gotten over my Dream Crushes yet 😛 But I also like the pretty boy in the Korean group DBSK.

  2. says

    1. First Ever Crush
    Nick Carter!

    2. High School Crush
    Ian Thorpe.

    3. Dream Crush
    Kazuya Kamenashi. He’s so cute!!!

    4. Ugly Man Crush
    I don’t think I have any crushes in this category, sorry Row!

    5. Current Crush. Not allowed to say your partner!
    Supernova’s Jung Yunhak. I’m into Korean boybands hahaha XD

  3. ru says

    1. First Ever Crush: first grade—Julian Soto
    2. High School Crush: Ash
    3. Dream Crush: would be my fav. actor to look at—Paul Walker
    4. Ugly Man Crush: hmm I guess Aman
    4. Current Crush: would be Simbu…he actually looks like my man so i’m not really cheating, lol

  4. Nina says

    First Ever Crush: This American dude that I saw when I was 2 years old at a Japanese restaurant. My parents said I was smitten.

    High School Crush: Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Radcliffe.

    Dream Crush: Richard Armitage

    Ugly Man Crush: Gary Oldman

    Current Crush: Joe Mazzello

  5. says

    First ever crush : am ashamed to say it was micky mouse, I always thought he existed until I grew up and came to this bitter truth that he is jus a cartoon character *ouch*
    High school crush: omg I remember,he was a year senior in my school, a totally hunkish-handsomish-tall guy..I was so in LOVE with him until I came to know about my dream crush
    My Dream Crush: Under taker..yeah legendary wrestler (WWF ).. I saw (once) his ring entrance , it was so gothic,strong and so mesmerising ,well he was quite okish in appearence but I knew he is my dream man ..(Plus he had really fine hair ,long smooth and straight)
    Ugly man crush: please see my dream crush :p
    Current crush: I wanna say ex president of pakistan musharraf, but Instead I would go with this guy friend of mine who lives in states , and sends me emails evryday..and calls my mommy , sometimes he makes me think he is my soul mate( well states have sephora??right) soul mate it is :)

    I am already a face book fan , sarah A.Dahir and tweeted about it as @makeupdivaa
    I hope this giveaway is international :/

  6. Clare says

    1. First Ever Crush
    Garth Algar. Yes, from waynes world. I was a strange child.

    2. High School Crush
    A friend of a friend who I wasn’t even sure if I fancied him as I’d see him at school and swoon, but I’d go home and really forget what he looked like. Facial structure wise!

    3. Dream Crush
    Derren Brown. Sighh. Why do you have to be gay?

    4. Ugly Man Crush
    Stephen Fry. I wouldn’t say he’s ugly, just not what usual 22yr old girls fancy.

    4. Current Crush
    Unfortunately not crushing on any single men I know at the moment so I’ll go for a celeb… Nathan Followill from Kings Of Leon. OMmhmmm. Yes please.

  7. says

    1. First Ever Crush – Jonathan Taylor Thomas, or as I called him “JTT”. Oh the shame…
    2. High School Crush – Justin Timberlake.
    3. Dream Crush – Patrick Dempsey.
    4. Ugly Man Crush – Jack Black. He’s hilarious and his role in “The Holiday” really caught my eye.
    4. Current Crush – Jude Law! *sigh*

    I RT the message and I’m a facebook follower :)

  8. Rocio says

    1. First ever crush: Nick Carter

    2. High School Crush: David Beckham

    3. Dream Crush: Johnny Depp, Cause well you can’t get any better than him.

    4.Ugly Man Crush: Michael Phelps, even I don’t know why,maybe that hot body of his.

    5.Current Crush: Novak Djokovic, num num all I have to say.

  9. Debbie Curwen says

    1. First ever crush: Dieter Brummer who played Shane Parrish in Home and Away (oh dear!)
    2. High School Crush: His name was Philip – the bad boy of my year. We never ended up dating.
    3. Dream Crush: Josh Groban (and in reply to Clare above, DB is gay? Grr never knew that – crossing him off my list then!) haha
    4.Ugly Man Crush: Johnny Hallyday (French rockstar) – he can serenade me any time… even though he’s retired now.
    5.Current Crush: Mark Salling – Glee <3

  10. Ilse says

    Haha, great post 😀 My crush list:

    1. First Ever Crush: Prince Eric (from the Little Mermaid)

    2. High School Crush: Hugh Grant

    3. Dream Crush: Jack Sparrow

    4. Ugly Man Crush: Josh Groban. Okay, he’s not THAT ugly.. But he isn’t extremely handsome either…

    4. Current Crush: any man dressed in an 18th century costume (especially Hugh Jackman :))

  11. Ashley says

    1. First Ever Crush: Nick Carter
    2. High School Crush: Alan
    3. Dream Crush: Ryan Reynolds
    4. Ugly Man Crush: ????
    4. Current Crush: RYAN REYNOLDS!

  12. says

    1. First Ever Crush: I lived in the Bronx. NYC and had a crush on a white boy named Anthony.
    2. High School Crush: Ahh…this boy named Jeff who I tried to ask to prom but backed out.
    3. Dream Crush: It’s funny because I have a crush on this guy from my dreams. I don’t really know anything about him except for the fact that he wears a dark sweater and he’s perfect.
    4. Ugly Man Crush: Difficullllt. Maybe Edison Chen? Not physically ugly, but…perhaps in other ways.
    4. Current Crush. This boy I met at a party recently. >.<

  13. says

    1. First Ever Crush- This boy named Michael. He was so sweet to me
    2. High School Crush- Eric-my high school boyfriends best friend lol
    3. Dream Crush – Jesse McCartney
    4. Ugly Man Crush – None. lol. all the guys I crush on are cute!!!
    4. Current Crush. Not allowed to say your partner! This boy in my church lol. I can hardly look his way without giggling.

    shopgurl101 AT gmail DOT com

  14. Jo B says

    1. First Ever Crush embarrassing a teacher called Mr Cornich
    2. High School Crush a gorgeous boy I was lucky enough to actually go out with, ended tragically as these teen affairs do, but I was the popular girl for three weeks.
    3. Dream Crush Johnny Depp
    4. Ugly Man Crush Gerard Depardieu in his younger days
    4. Current Crush. Still Johnny Depp

  15. Holly-Rae says

    1. First Ever Crush was Mark Owen from Take That. I used to swoon about him with my mum (who was a Jason Orange fan). I’ve gotta say though, it’s pretty embarrassing considering the cheating scumbag he’s turned into!
    2. High School Crush I had a lot of these but an enduring one was, of course, Mr Johnny Depp. *happy sigh*
    3. Dream Crush is Zachary Quinto. Even with the eyebrows, the man is adorable.
    4. Ugly Man Crush – I’m right there with you for Charlie Brooker! My housemate and I go all girly when he’s on the TV.
    4. Current Crush. After last night’s episode, the new Doctor played by Matt Smith. Not Matt Smith himself but the Doctor. He was sexy when he was angry. I also have the hugest girl crush on a blogger named Zoetica Ebb but that’s just because she has phenomenal hair. Fickle, yes but nobody’s perfect!


  16. says

    1. First Ever Crush- Arnold (2nd grade)
    2. High School Crush- Dylan from 90210
    3. Dream Crush- Sam Worthington
    4. Ugly Man Crush- Bruce Willis
    4. Current Crush. Not allowed to say your partner! Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries…the eyes make me melt! 😀

  17. says

    1. First Ever Crush —
    (i was in grade 3) Ralph Acda

    2. High School Crush —
    (hmmm and became my first bf) Philjim Gerald Sebastian

    3. Dream Crush —
    (as always, he’s a basketball player of famous school) Christopher Alandy Tiu

    4. Ugly Man Crush — Mr BEAN LOL promise!!!

    5. Current Crush. Not allowed to say your partner!
    (oh no! hope the bf wouldn’t know about this..) my bestfriend.. Aries Manahan
    he’s my ideal man really..

  18. SawMun says

    Hi Candy…I have entered the contest via the facebook entry (Noorusabaah). But im not sure if went through as I clicked the button with the thumb up…I also wondered who was the winner of the last contest with the palettes…thanks alots..SawMun

  19. J U L I E says

    1. First Ever Crush: Tony Do, liked him from kindergarden- 3rd grade

    2. High School Crush: Daniel Radcliffe (SUCH A CUTIE in the 2nd, 3rd, & 4rth Movie)

    3. Dream Crush: Joon (From Ninja Assasin/ MBLAQ *korean group*)

    4. Ugly Man Crush: Thomas Jane (The Punisher)

    5. Current Crush: Taylor Lautner (OH HIS ABS xD!!)