Monday Giveaway: 2true cosmetics, 3 goodies, 5 winners!

…and as we all know, 2 plus 3 plus 5 = 235!

I wish math was that easy.


Before I get to the giveaway there’s a little update to general stuff – the swatch gallery is taking ages so may not be launched properly untill early June.  I have so much make up people! And I have to swatch and photograph every single one under studio conditions as well as deal with the layout.  Stressful, but when its done I am hoping it will be a really useful feature to be proud of.

Lights are on…

Also, I am off to the big smoke shortly to go to some cool events and get lots of nice treatments done, do some shopping, check out Dolce & Gabbana Make Up, see Wicked even though I hate cheesy musicals and eat lots and lots of food.  If your comments are a bit late showing up its because the lights are on, but no ones at home (literally).


2true is a rather cute range which is sold exclusively in Superdrug, priced at 3 items for £5 or £1.95 individually.

Up for offerings this week for FIVE lucky winners are three shiny new products.

lip-gloss-20  Each winner will get:

1 x Plumptous Lip Gloss in 20 (pictured left, a sparkly sheer plum)

1 x Glossywear Nail Polish in Shade 12 (a shimmery plum, matches the lip gloss!)

1 x Instant Volume Mascara in Black

To Enter tell me:

What word do you love and what word do you hate? (you know we never do serious questions!).

Me:  At the moment I like the word ‘Nonsensical’ because thats a really good way to describe the day to day situations I get myself into and I hate the word ‘Bonkers’.  I will run a mile from anyone who describes themselves as ‘bonkers’ and is over the age of 7 and under the age of 77.  (Over 77 its practically the law to be ‘bonkers’)

I will pick 5 random winners from the comments next monday (bank holiday!)  although I am biased towards comments that make me chuckle.  Maybe I’ll just pick the 5 best answers? I’ll see which way the wind is blowing….

General Rules:

Anyone can enter, even previous winners

You can be located anywhere in the world

You can only enter once, so stop trying to confuse me

You can browse the rest of the range (2true do some nice pigments and lashes) here.

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  1. says

    I like to use “relatively” a lot, mainly to replace “not really” in a nice way…

    I hate the word “Chic” especially when people go “tray sheek” with that…It drives me crazy

  2. Nina says

    My favorite word at the moment is ‘superfluous’ because there are a lot of unnecessary things in my life right now. Plus, I just love saying it!
    The word I really hate (technically an expression) is “Anyways!”. First off, it is incorrect to say ‘anyways’ because there is no such word! I hate that it is such an overused term that every time I hear it I cringe and my ears start to ring! It’s like I want to bitch slap the person saying it! And most people where I’m from think it’s cool to say it, like they’re absolutely fluent and amazing in English when they frequently say it. In their best at an American accent: “Anyways, I’ve got to go!” or “I don’t need that anyways.” OH.MY.GOD. Kill me right now!

  3. says

    I love the word “whisper.” It’s just so…. gentle and mysterious at the same time.

    I hate the word, “viagra.” ^*(%^%& those spammers…

  4. says

    For some odd reason, I love the word insinuate. I try to use it every chance I get. It began in high school when I started studying “SAT” words (SATs is 1 of the standardized college exams we take here in the states), and I thought it made me look super smart knowing words like insinuate. When saying it, I still feel like I’m smarter than whoever I’m talking to, because that person is probably saying, “imply.”

    I hate the word “yeast”, simply because I have problems pronouncing it. I’ve been saying it as “east” for the longest time, and never knew I was wrong. That bothers me a lot. According to my friend, nobody will understand me if I say “east infection” or “add east into the dough for bread.” Grrr!!!

    There are other words I hate and refuse to say, and they mostly start with W. Wolf, World War, etc.

  5. Halifax says

    I like the word “beautylicious”, cause it sounds pretty and girly, sometimes it’s confusing to someone who is not from the beauty world. I hate the word “addict” as I’m one (beauty addict that is), and I don’t like to feel guilty about my shopping habit :-)

  6. Maple says

    I like the word “G’Day” (it has an Aussie flavour, I know…I’m Aussie :) — it’s so genuine, down-to-earth and friendly :)

    I hate the word “cliche” — I mean, it’s just so…well…cliche! -_-‘

  7. tammy says

    I looove the word “FIERCE”. its sexy, and fun.
    i will use this word in any sentence ahaha.

    I hate the word “nonsense”…i dont know why though. i just dont like using that word.

  8. RobbyRaynebow says

    I absolutely love the word Sexy. Its such a universal word. Perfect for any level of intelligence.

    I hate the word Lollygag. Ik it means procrastinating, but it sounds like something nasty you can picture the creepy guy in your apartment building doing in his “Gentleman’s Time”. Ugh Grossssssssssssssss!

  9. MMT says

    Thanks for another great giveaway :)

    Lately I cannot stand the word “no”–I work at a school and a particularly difficult student says this dozens of times every day.

    My favorite word lately is “sale!” I just got tons of great stuff on sale at the beach (mostly clothes), but I love most kinds of sales :)

  10. Tasha says

    I love the word “discombobulated” just because it sounds so funny and aptly describes how out of it I am most of the time.

    I hate the word “moist”. I know it’s in a lot of make up and skin care items but I can’t help but think of it in the context of “moist environment” and inevitably relate it to an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. I don’t know it just reminds me of mossy, damp (duh) and slimy. LOL I’m inclined to believe that medical school has taken over my life.

  11. Coco says

    I think my favorite word right now is “bilingual”! I just like the way it sounds…As for least favorite….hmmm…..maybe “pursue”! I have no idea how to pronounce it….

  12. Aimee says

    I love the word “seriously” for some reason it’s become my patented phrase amongst family and friends. I hate the word, “nipple” medicinal or not it makes me cringe. Sorry I had to be honest.

  13. says

    I love the word “Actually” lol, I kinda use that in each sentence..almost!
    I hate the word, “raincheck” we seldom use the word down here but most of the people who use it are taking a “raincheck” on something because they can’t think of a better excuse!

  14. Krista says

    i love the word ferocious. Its not a word that you hear everyday and i use it to describe lots of things.

    i hate the word plump. i dont know why. it just sounds weird.

  15. Kirsten T says

    I love the word ‘like’. Its like such an overused word but like so necessary 😛
    I abhor the word ‘actually’. Overused and redundant in my opinion.

    Yeah im contradicting like that.

  16. Libby says

    I love the french word for shampoo which is Shampooing, but the way it’s pronounced is so endearing and bouncy. Best word ever!

    My least favourite word is pencil because when i was in year 4 one girl used to insist everone would pronounce it penceeel otherwise it meant penis, which of course it didn’t. Her annoyingness ruined the word pencil for me.

  17. Marta says

    I love actually and I use often, I hate “really” when people use it too much.

  18. Liz says

    Currently I love the word ‘darling’. It’s rolls off the tounge and leaves you with your lips turned up in a smile. And who doesn’t like to be called darling? :)

    I detest the word ‘guesstimate’. Either estimate, or else guess. You simply must choose.

  19. Christy says

    I love the word “pudding”, I don’t know why but it just makes me laugh hysterically when I hear it.

    I strongly dislike the word “fault” because every time I try to say it, I end up saying fart. :O

  20. Elle says

    I love the word “f*cker” (pardon my French). It’s so self-explanatory. When someone does something that annoys me and I say “f*cker”, everyone instantly knows how I feel about it. No explanation needed. It’s an ideal word for lazy people.

    I hate the word “aficionado”. Especially when people use it to describe themselves (“movie aficionado”). So pretentious and snotty. As if “fanatic” or “enthusiast” is not good enough for them. Nooo, they have to use “aficionado”… showing off their vocabulary. Whatever!
    I’m a hate-users-of-the-word-“aficionado”-aficionado.
    See? You must hate me now.

  21. tousledkitten says

    I love the word procrastinate because I’m great at that.

    I hate the word r*pe because it is over-used and makes me very sad.

  22. Naomi Tanner says

    I absolutely love the word “Flip Flop” What a great name for a pair of shoes, And they actually make that noise when you walk too. :)

    I Hate hate the word ” Stupid! ” Grrr I think its because my two cheeky monkeys Son’s have to call each other that when they Argue!