Skinfood Fresh Juice Lip Gloss, Peach Juice & Coffee Bean Review

Love Skinfood so much at the moment, they have so many ranges of cosmetics and skincare too choose from it’s hard to resist.

Can you imagine the scene if I got to visit Korea and was let loose in one of the stores?! *drools*

Alas, I am not in Korea so I have to make do with eBay.

My latest purchases are these Fresh Juice Lip Glosses, in Peach Juice (No. 6) and Coffee Bean (No. 7) (Can you juice a coffee bean?!)


These lip glosses are sheer, glossy and hydrating. They say:

With its soft and moist texture, Fresh Juice Lip Gloss provides the vibrant color of fresh juice with sheer luster and moisture for lips.

So much hope. So much expectation.

Here are the colour swatches – peach on the left, coffee on the right:


First off, peach juice doesn’t smell like peach and it doesn’t look like peach – it’s clearly PINK!. Coffee Bean fits it’s description much better, as it’s a sheer, nude brown beige.

Both lip glosses have a very fine pretty shimmer.

Both smell like – washing liquid. Urgh, really. Like lemon washing up liquid, not even fairy, some cheap crap your mum bought as a 2 for 1 in Netto.

So ok…I’m not impressed with the smell :)

Peach Juice:


I like the slightly oversized applicator, it’s nice and squidgy!

On the lips, this shade is quite sheer – it looks like a pink with a slightly blue undertone. To be honest on the lips, it’s not that impressive. The colour isn’t anything special – the texture is also a bit thin.


Coffee Bean:


I was tempted to try something brighter than Coffee bean to be honest – like cherry, but what the hell I thought – this looked like my kinda thing.

Indeed I much prefer this shade to the peach juice, which I think lacks va-va-voom. This is a pretty, wearable everyday nude for medium skintones. I wish it smelt like a Cafe Nero Latte:


All in all, these lip glosses look amazing on the outside, but are just average on the inside. I have far nicer glosses than these, that is the TROOF!

Nevertheless, if you want something to play with, these are about £9 on eBay including shipping.

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  1. says

    When I first saw this post, I was reeeeally hoping the Peach Juice smelled peachy…but wash liquid? Ewwww.

    • Row says

      I would LOVE to go to Seoul and Tokyo, then Thailand, Hong Kong etc. It’s my spiritual home I think! Asia that is!

  2. Shari Reilly says

    Me in Korea and in Missha and The Face Shop was a kid in a candy store. The only issue I had there was that the saleswomen literally shadow you. I’m sure it’s cultural, but for me – especially since I speak about 5 words of Korean – it was annoying and downright creepy at times.

    • Row says

      Oh Shari, I have only just discovered The Face Shop and I LOVE IT.

      In Hong Kong I also had the same experience where the SA would follow me. One grabbed me and said ‘Slimming belly cream!’ trying to sell it to me! So annoying.