How much make up is too much make up: Jordan aka Katie Price wears it thick

I know that Katie Price is hardly subtle when it comes to her looks and image, but even I choked on my croissant when I saw her new single (not at all aimed at Peter Andre) cover:


This make up, cosmetic surgery and photoshopping job is extreme! The skin, the tiny nose, the thick rubbery lips, the black drawn on brows…is it too much? It is ok because it’s her? Does anyone find this look attractive? Do men find this look attractive?

How much make up is too much make up?

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  1. says

    Normally I quite like how she looks. I am a fan of dramatic eyes, but this has just taken it a bit too far. The brows are just horrible and she would have looked a lot better with a nice smokey eye, not a full on racoon eye. Her nose is never that small either.


  2. Naz says

    She looks awful but in all honesty I think I find her looks terrible because I can’t stand her as a person. Yes, I know we only have the media stories which can be dubious at the best of times, but she just comes across as so horrible!

    To be perfectly truthful, she looks better on that cover than we’ve seen her look before. The inches thick orange mask…*shudders*

    • Row says

      Yeah – she seems quite insecure and defensive all the time in interviews – perhaps she has a hard exterior because she expects to be attacked?

      Yeah its her signature look really OTT make up. She was quite a naturally beautiful girl

  3. tigerslovepepper says

    I think she must have read your post about the five essential photography tips for beauty bloggers and didn’t understand irony. See? Definitely pursed lips.