Help Me Choose: Which Haircut?


Ok, ok, so style 1 and 3 seem to be the most popular. The problem is my hair is very layered so can I do style 3? Style 1 is very styled and I am the laziest person in the world with my hair.

I’m going to take all these photos with me tomorrow and I will show you what I end up with! It will either be a disaster or I’ll get my mojo back!

Ok Girls, I need your help!

Got a haircut and funky blow dry booked in for Friday.

Last time I got a cut my hair which was very, very, very long (in truth, a little too long – was starting too look like one of those crazy women that never get their hair cut and end up with ratty little tails covered in split ends – not to mention it looked hookerish. Overly long hair looks a bit hookerish. Discuss.)

Ok I’m digressing again. The last time I got a cut I was mega traumatised cos my good old hairdresser chopped in short, short layers into my hair to ‘break it up a little’.

It wasn’t broken up a little. It was in itty-bitty pieces. Rod Stewart. Pat Sharp. Kevin Keegan circa 1982.

But I think I’m ready – I am ready for the snip – again.

So help me pick please! Which hairstyle?

My hair is currently past my shoulders, I have short layers on top – I want something chic that compliments a round face.

My picks:


This style is just gorgeous, bounch and lovley!


This is more smart and functional, quite slick but is it boring?


Is that Michelle Monahan – Her is a gorge colour and very shiny which helps but this is quite a simple cute look


Ahh Kate. You can’t argue it her hair looks great! Messy Chic and a really nice fringe.


This is more of a style but again, I like the bouncy volume and the cute fringe.

Help! Which do you prefer?

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  1. I love number 3, it is so simple and sleek :)

  2. I love number 3. I might pinch it! My hair is really long I haven’t had it cut since May 08!! I’m hoping to have it cut tommorow but haven’t got a clue what to do with it. I’m not sure if I should get a fringe x

  3. I love no.2 and no.3
    No.4 only looks great because it’s Kate Moss.
    No. 1 and No.5 only look good because they’ve been blowdried to perfection, which a simple mortal would not be able to achieve on a day to day to basis. Go for No.2 or No.3 which will work at any time, and even better when blow dried in a elaborate way :)

  4. Number 3! it is easy to maintain and you dun really need to stress. fringe is in fashion now, get a fringe!

  5. tigerslovepepper says:

    I always wanted a fringe so bad but my hair is too thin plus I’m not Kate Moss, so my vote goes to no.3.

  6. tigerslovepepper says:

    (Now I got the no.1 but straight, not curly. There’s no way to wear a scarf or a hoody jacket without looking a pillock. If there is, please, let me know.)

  7. No 1 – without a doubt ! length is great in both curly straight! now thats versatile x

  8. I vote for 1 too! It’s cute and chic. Plus it’s totally different than your current hairstyle.

  9. I vote for no. 3 as its wearable for everyday! :)

  10. #5!! I think bangs make round faces look smaller. Plus this looks easy to do in the morning, unlike #1 (which I love).

  11. i like No.3 but it might not work if your layers are really short.

  12. I’m between no. 1 and no. 5….No. 1 will look amazing for going out, but I’m not too sure for everyday maintenance, whereas I feel that no. 5 will look good any time, styled or not.

  13. 2!

  14. OMG girls – I didn’t know Miss Moss was so unpopular!

    Did I add – I am mega lazy with my hair. Just sayin’!

  15. Kassandra says:

    No 1!

  16. All of these are essentially the same cut, styled differently. I say, bring ALL the pix to your hairdresser and discuss the common elements of each ‘do. It’ll help her get a much clearer idea of what you want, and how she can make the look work for your hair type.

  17. Okay, to clarify — some have bangs (fringe) and some don’t, but same basic cut. Show her all the pix!

  18. Definitely no. 3! I think it would look perfect on your face and I’m pretty sure that after a crazy night of partying it would look just like no. 4! And you could also style it to look like no. 5. I like no. 1 too, but I could never (bother to) style it like this! And no.2 is ok but, meh.

  19. I like no. 2, it’s nice and sleek. No.1 looks great too.

  20. No.2 and No.3 looks easy to maintain. I think the fringe works great for round faces :)

  21. Definitely the first or second! Or ask the stylist to make it so you can do both hair, depending on your mood!
    But for God’s sake, don’t go for the Kate Moss one! It’s urghhh….better if I don’t say a word >.<

  22. I actually think number 2 is really nice, or go for Kate’s styles. Quite edgy looking 😀

  23. I’m digging number 3.

  24. Numero Uno!

  25. I like two and three. One will only look good if you put lots of product and spend lots of time on it!

  26. Number 3 seems like it would be really easy to maintain and also could be really versatile.

  27. number 1 please =)

  28. either 1, 3, or 5!

  29. Catherine says:

    Definitely number one – awesome!