Hair Therapy: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme vs Coconut Oil

A few weeks ago I mad an investment and bought the Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme hair treatment. This babies cost £22 and it resembles a thick face cream. Full review here.

The other thing I have been using on my sore scalp and hair is virgin coconut oil. I have a review of one particular brand coming up but you really don’t need to purchase anything too expensive just because it comes in a pretty jar.

I bought 1kg of virgin coconut oil to use on my scalp and hair, twice a week (or whenever I am sitting in front of the tv).

In India and Sri Lanka, coconut oil is commonly used for styling hair, and cooling or soothing the head. People of Tamil Nadu and other coastal areas such as Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa bathe in warm water after applying coconut oil all over the body and leaving it as is for an hour to keep body, skin, and hair healthy.

Just a quick note – there are two main kinds of coconut oil – Virgin coconut oil and refined coconut oil. Refined oil is deodorized (won’t smell of anything) and has been refined and bleached. This type can come in solid or Fractionated (liquid type).

You will know which kind you have by checking the price – 1kg of refined coconut oil is about £3-4. 1kg of virigin coconut oil is about £15-£20, if you get a good deal.

Virgin coconut oil smells heavenly! And is the one I prefer to use on my scalp and hair.

I don’t use it on my skin generally as it takes to long to sink in. Anyway –

I have very long hair and it occured to me today that Philip is already seeing the bottom of the tub, when infact I have only used it 3 times. My coconut oil will last four times that, if not more.

I’ve decided that coconut oil is the way to go for lush, smooth hair. It is much cheaper than buying Philip Kingsley, which is EXPENSIVE. Whilst the PK makes the hair very very soft, it doesn’t do that much for shine. It’s also not something I can use on my scalp, where as coconut is ok wherever it lands.

I’ve also found virgin coconut oil is excellent for making the hair easier to comb through and general gloss. You do need to shampoo it out good though – it is greasy after all and girls with very fine hair may want to use sparingly.

The PK is good, but for the price, not really worth it.

Winner: Virgin Coconut Oil!

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  1. jack smith says

    Thanks for this info i have been using MeritVCO extra virgin coconut oil extracted from coocnut milk and it really works…..


    • Row says

      Hi Jack

      I will have a look for that oil – any oil works well though I think and its a lot cheaper than these treatments!