Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kills VS L’oreal Infalliable Eyeshadow Comparison

Last week I did a review of the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill powder eyeshadows and L’oreal Infalliable shadows too.  There are some obvious comparisons between the two products; both come in little pots, both are densely pressed loose powder eyeshadows, both have intense pigmentation and creamy textures….so I thought I’d do a quick comparison between the two:Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Loreal Infalliable

First off I like both of these products from both manufacturers; I think they are worth a go and are far less messy than normal loose pigments which I get everywhere….


The Armani is far superior in a heavy glass tub, and sturdy screw on lid. L’oreal’s is cheap plastic, lightweight and has the ugly writing on top. Having said that, neither packaging is outstanding and it doesn’t really matter that much, it’s not like a lipstick which you may pull out in public.


L’oreal has 3.5grams and Armani as 4grams.  Not much in either really!

Loreal Infalliable Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill


The Armani is far more interesting because the colours offered are really interesting combinations.  L’oreal sticks with obvious colours that caters for a large general audience like gold, blue, purple, khaki, white etc.

Texture and Pigmentation:

Both brands offer silky smooth buttery textures; I think Armani has the slight edge in creaminess, whereas L’oreal is more likely to come apart into loose powder. However, both are excellent.

Both are also very pigmented and rich in colour.


Armani is extortionate at £26 and L’oreal is £6.99 but there’s various offers floating around (ie. 3 for 2) usually. You can pretty much get 4 L’oreals for one Armani shadow.

Having said ALL of this, the fact that Armani has a slightly better texture, nicer colours, nicer packaging – it pains me to say – that L’oreals is the better purchase.  The price of the Armani is just crazy. I tried to replicate the Purple colour I have in the Armani by mixing Purple Obsession and Goldmine in the L’oreal and to be honest it isn’t a mile off.

Armani Eyes to Kill L oreal Purple Obsession

Eyes to kill has slightly more depth but the for price you might as well go ahead and buy more L’oreal infalliable shadows and mix them up into interesting  combinations yourself.

Which eyeshadow would you prefer?

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  1. Helen says

    I agree with you, why pay for more when they are practically the same?? Unless you are a picky collector, you may want an high end brand. Im thinking of trying out the Loreals ones, so thanx for the review