Friday Frippery: Guess what this is?

Hurrah! It is Friday!

I am very pleased as I have a weekend with a bit of pampering and a special appointment, then lots of frantic rushing around as I have 2 weeks off work for my wedding and honeymoon!

Just for a bit of fun – it’s guess the beauty tool time! Can you tell me what this is?

Face Massage Stick

This is not particularly cheap to buy and it has a special element to it which is what makes it expensive.

Another look…Face massager

Can you tell me what it is?!

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  1. Some sort of platinum face roller massager thingy?

  2. Its a germanium massage roller. I was thinking of buying one but didn’t know if it would be any good. I hope you will do a review soon =]
    && Congratulations on your wedding <3

  3. A Darlek mind control device?

  4. Looks like a posh gearstick :-)

    Did your dress arrive yet!!???

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