Coffee not required: Anatomicals Snoozers Are Losers Energy Boost Patch Review

Caffeine, sweet nectar of life. Without it I would be a walking zombie…or a greater walking zombie than I already am.

See I don’t get much sleep and boy does it show in the mornings, and mid-afternoon after lunch.


I purchased a box of Anatomicals rather strange invention, Snoozers and Losers Energy Boost Patches, from eBay as they were just £1.75 for a pack of six. I thought these were sachet drinks – the usual type of energy boost drink, I didn’t realise these were patches!

These patches come in individual packs and are slightly shorter than a standard plaster, but wider. They are white, look like soft cotton and it is work on the upper arm.


This cute Japanese Manga designed box is limited edition (one of the reasons it was on sale). ASOS stuck a big sticker on the back side of it – which defeats the object of it being a collectors item.

Anyway…the patches.

I was completely fascinated by this – can it really work? The product itself makes no medicinal claims although it does specify that it is for adults only and you should only wear ONE patch at a time.

So I first used this on a Monday morning (why not?!) and immediately it felt very cold. I felt the coldness move down my arm and it started to tingle!

It was actually a very strange feeling for quite a while – I’m not used to that awkward cold tingle and it was very weird (but not painful). Soon I perked up…it did totally leave me feeling more awake than before.


As soon as I removed the patch (it dries up after a few hours) I felt more sluggish and couldn’t stop yawning – very weird. How much of it was psychological? I don’t know for sure but I wasn’t expecting these to work but I really think they made a difference to me.

I will repurchase for sure (normal full price is £3) but of course, nothing is better than a good nights sleep!


Each TDDS hydrogel patch contains caffeine 200 mg. Also contains: Acrylated Copolymer, Water (Aqua), Mineral oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Polysorbate 60, Menthol. Not advised for people with individual caffeine intolerance.

I bought mine from ASOS, but you can buy it from various places online.

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    • Row says

      On me, I found that one patch lasted about 3-5 hours before it started to dry up on the skin!