Bye Bye Cellulite? Bliss FatGirlSlim, FatGirlSleep and FatGirlScrub Treatment Introduction Set Review

As far as I know, the Bliss Fatgirlslim range has been around for a while and has real cult status.  You’ve got to admit the name is eye catching! Fatgirlslim…would you buy something with fat girl on the front?

Obviously this isn’t just for fat girls (hey I’m not calling you fat, fat is different to everyone!) this is for anyone who wants to deal with issue of cellulite!

This kit contains introductory sizes of the three main products from the range and the massager:

Bliss Fat Girl Slim Treatment

Introductory size by the way, seems to mean very generous sized small pots.  They are not travel sized, they’re bigger than that but not the massive full sized tubs either. The products:

• Fatgirlslim (2 oz) visibly diminishes cellulite, with QuSome-encapsulated caffeine

• Fatgirlscrub (2 oz), stimulates circulation, with red algae extract

• Fatgirlsleep (2 oz), with multi-active ingredients and soothing lavender

• Fatgirlslimulator massage tool, with raised nubs to help boost surface circulation

Bliss Fatgirlslim fatgirlscrub cellulite

Cellulite to be honest, I don’t really have a huge problem with it.  If I squeeze the flesh together on my thigh then there might be the smallest amount of rippling but no, it’s not my biggest problem (the wobbly stomach though, I have!).

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to get the circulation going around the bum and thighs!

Everything is clearly laid out with this kit in steps – the the scrub in the shower, the massager, the cream then a night treatment too.

Bliss Cellulite fatgirlslim fatgirlsleep

Ideally you want to use this kit over 28 days to get the full result!

The cream is recommended to be used twice a day in targeted areas for 20-30 seconds. Apparently you DO need to be strict with this and use it often to get the full result. I’m think you can get 28 days out of the pots you get in the introductory set, as long as you don’t have a huge – er – area.

The massager tool is great – it’s different to other scrub brushes which I find way too harsh on my skin and it gets you tingling:

Bliss Stimulate Cellulite Fatgirlslim 1


I tested for 3 weeks and as I said earlier, I don’t have the most cellulite but I did get some good results with this product, mainly, super smooth skin that felt tighter and the whole area just look…better. I’d be tempted to use a normal cream or something ‘stimulating’ with the massager too because I think that is the super cool tool in this kit.

In terms of dimples- when I squeeze the area I still see dimples.  I don’t know if it’d help more if I had more cellulite to begin with though.

This kit costs £30 which is not bad value at all and since the creams aren’t cheap, I’d recommend this set before investing in the huge tubs.

*Pr Sample

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  1. says

    I use a bath pouf to scrub myself in the shower. I also use a Shiseido exfoliating scrub. Seems to work ok – that an no alcohol!

  2. Jen says

    I love how Bliss products smell! I’ve got a body massager very similar from the Body Shop…it actually hurts a bit to use, so I don’t really use it that often (I’m probably using it wrong!)…it’s lucky I don’t suffer terribly from cellulite!

  3. says

    I’ve been meaning to try this but kept finding mixed reviews. I’m more inclined to try the kit than shell out for 3 full size tubs. I may have to grab this if Sephora has it. :)