Bobbi Brown Concealer – Peach Corrector and Concealer Kit

Concealer must be my must have item – I’d put it before mascara or foundation.

Ever one the pursuit of the dream concealer I revisited some old favourites – Bobbi Brown’s Peach Corrector Concealer and her Concealer Kit.

The corrector (£15) is for dark circles, under the eyes. This is actually layered UNDER the yellowy concealer for days when you really need some extra help (that’s every day for me).

Peach neutralizes the purple-brown under the eyes, which are common in olive, golden and tan skin tones. Therefore the peach corrector is perfect for olive to mediterranean skin, tanned or Asian ladies.

Important – they should be used with a yellow based skin tone concealer OVER it. I have tried peach/salmon concealers before but they looked TOO salmony for me – Bobbi Brown says you put your normal concealer on top which makes sense to me.


There are three new shades of peach – light peach, peach and dark peach (there is also light bisque, bisque and dark bisque correctors, better for fairer skin tones).


The texture is creamy and soft, typical of Bobbi Brown quality, and blends in nicely. Despite being a THICK concealer, it didn’t need warming up to glide on the skin (I hate having to put concealers under my armpit to warm them up – yes I really do that), and it didn’t crease into my little fine lines (sob!).

On top I used Bobbi Brown’s concealer kit, which comes with a puff, has a yellowy powder in the bottom compartment and a concealer on top. I use Natural:


Bobbi Brown, if you have read her books, is a huge fan of yellow based concealer because it covers circles well and other blemishes.


This concealer is creamy and soft – it does need to be set – but hey, the powder is already there for ya!

It contains Vitamin A and E to avoid settling into dry patches and lines – its a moisturizing concealer. I personally prefer this because I did not like the dryness of say, Laura Mercier’s secret camouflage.

My shade is natural, perfect for my NC35 skintone. It comes in a number of shades though for any skintone.


The powder comes in white and pale yellow – all of the concealers bar Porcelain (the lightest concealer) come with pale yellow. The powder is so fine that it blends away though, it doesn’t look chalky on dark skins.

The creamy concealer kit is £22.

My verdict? I’ve always like Bobbi Brown for concealers and generally trust the quality of her base products anyway. I love the corrector – I love the fact there’s something heavy duty for late nights and special occasions, and the fact that its super creamy on the skin.

I also like the creamy concealer kit because once again, I like the texture and the fact the powder that comes with it is ideal for under the eyes. I would still use it on other areas of my face though, that need brightening, such as the corners of my mouth and under my nose.

This a really nice concealer. Has the thickness of RMK’s concealer, but its less sticky and more blendable.


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