Beauty 101, 102 and 103!

Always a fan of beauty books in any language, I discovered LI QIAN RONG’s Beauty Books, 101, 102 and – can you guess? 103 a while ago. Beauty 103 is pretty new and despite it being help up in the post (took a month to arrive :O should have been a week).

It is written in Chinese which I can’t read, so look at the pictures instead. Products are clearly marked in English, so it isn’t a problem locating the range, and they tend to use well known brands anyhow.

Part one and two have clear pictures to show you how looks are achieved.

Beauty 103 is different – it is a larger size and comes with a DVD (more on that later!). There seems to be more variation in this one – articles on health, fitness, hair whereas the other books had more focus on cosmetics (which I personally prefer).

For the price I highly recommend these books of not just to get ideas. The make up is always immaculate, as is the photography.

I have a few gripes. Firstly – they have used the same (stunning) model in 3 books – so what are ladies with different shaped eyes and noses supposed to do! You have to show variation sometimes in a make up book.

The DVD featured the model presenting which made me think – is she the make up artist too? Or is the Make Up Artist prefering to stay anonomous? If she is the make up artist as well, is she trying to save costs by using herself (she is clearly a seasoned model too). She also speaks perfect mandarin which surprised me as I thought she would be mixed race/Eurasian as some people call it, and she is nice to watch.

You buy the books Here with free shipping if you spend $25.

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