Bargain Cleanser Alert: Kao Biore Cleansing Oil Review

I am trying to find the ideal skincare range for me at the moment – lets just say my skin can’t take anything too complicated or it itches and flakes like crazy.

One thing I am always buying is Cleansing Oils. I’ve tried so many and to be honest, most of them are pretty decent irrespective of price.

Thus, I always pick up a new one each time I run out just to try everything out. My newest Cleansing Oil is from Biore (Japanese Launch).

Biore Cleansing Oil.jpg

This oil is quite runny, and is clear. I think it is lightly fragranced and rubs into the skin quite easily. It is quite an ‘oily’ oil – some Cleansing Oils feel quite light (the Pink Shu Uemura one), some are quite thick (RMK). This one feels runny and oily at the same time.

When getting make up off my face, it did ok. I only use cleansing oil when I have tons of slap on (it dries me skin out if I use it every day). It struggled with waterproof mascara and it wasn’t great with waxy lipstick.

biore cleansing oil-1.jpg

After washing off, my skin felt just a tiny bit dry (which is does with nearly all the cleansing oils I’ve used anyway.


– The price is good in comparison with premium cleansing oils.
– No real allergies
– Gets most of your make up off
– Smells nice


– Struggled with waxy products
– Feels very oily – may not be great if you already have oily skin
– Contains Mineral Oil
– No good if you don’t like scents in your cleansers

At around £8 inc. shipping for 150ml its not bad value although I paid a marked up eBay price – I am sure that its a lot cheaper if you bought it from the store yourself.

I won’t be buying this again next time though – it wasn’t amazing enough for me to stick with.

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  1. says

    This one actually broke me out something bad – I shared my previous experience on it. I’m not sure if its mineral oils or the oily texture or the ingredients.