An update on the Skinfood Fruit Lip & Cheek Colours

The haul post I did on the Skinfood fruit bowl colours was very popular so I, heartbreakingly, stuck my finger in the colours so that you can see swatches. Sob Sob.

skinfood swatches.jpg

The texture is medium, neither too hard or too soft. It is very pigmented, especially the darker colours and aren’t too oily either so they work nicely on the cheeks too.

Here is the seller too, for people who asked. I paid £9 with shipping included, she seems to have raised the price a little by about £1.80 but she is the only seller I can find who sells it at the moment.

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    • Row says

      Hi Nina

      Well…hmmm, I think Pomegrante is lovely, as its pigmented and a flattering colour, followed by Grapefruit (they smell good too!)

  1. Rachel says


    This is a bit unrelated but I was wondering if you knew if we’ve got any Stila stalls/shops in the UK. I can’t seem to find them anywhere!

  2. Blair says

    I like apricot the most but for my dark pigmented lips, the other three would suit me better. Thanks for the swatches Row!!! Swatching new products are always a bit of a sniff moment for me too hahaha

  3. louise says

    hi row thanks for the link, i dont know were i was looking but i couldnt find them at all! now all i have to do is choose which i want . . . hmmm . . . this could take some time . . . lol!
    luv lou x

  4. Frckls says

    I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this, but I am hesitant because I can’t find the ingredients list anywhere and I’m afraid it contains mineral oils/paraffin/petroleum, as we know they clog pores. How was your experience? Does it clog pores or cause zits or white/blackheads?

    • Row says

      Hi Frckls

      I will try and see if I can find a translation for you. I haven’t noticed any pore clogging but I wouldn’t guarantee it because it does have a ‘oily’ base

  5. Frckls says

    Wow. Thank you! I actually don’t mind ‘oily’ as lomg as it’s not mineral oil/paraffin/petroleum. I’ve been trying to avoid those ingredients in my skincare regiments and gradually eliminating in my makeups.