5 Totally Random Valentine’s Day Gift Picks!

Couldn’t possible go through the week without mentioning VALENTINES!

I promise you girls, the older you get and the longer you have been in a relationship, the more you realise its just a pointless exercise in forcing people to spend huge amounts of money on mediocre flowers, bad food and cheesy greeting cards for one night…but there’s presents! Screw the pasta! Pass me the presents!


1.Diva Rebel Purple Python Straightener Limited Edition Gift Set!

Diva hair straightener.jpg

I’ve tried Diva hair tools before, and they are excellent – worth the extra cost. If Mr Candy were to be kind on Valentine’s Day, I’d quite like this set – it has the Purple Python straightener (large) and the mini one and a free bag in one set.

I’ve had a play with these and I think they are as good as, if not a little better than GHD’s (more glidy through the hair). Having long hair with shorter layers (not of my own free will) it’s useful to have to sizes of straightener to choose from!

Its exclusive to Sallys for £119.99.


2. Folli Follie Heart 2 Heart Necklace

Folli Follie Heart necklace valentines day gift.jpg

I’ve never owned anything from Folli before, but I love this necklace – it also opens up to reveal four little hearts (so you can wear it both ways!) Jewellery is the classic Valentine’s Day gift surely?

I think it works out to be about £80 from their site or their shops.

£50 or less

3. Edible Arrangements Berry Chocolate Bouquet with Hearts

Edible Arrangements® Delicious Fresh Fruit Baskets & Gift Bouquets.jpg

Healthy fruit, chocolate, its pretty, its just gorgeous! Always wanted an Edible Arrangement but to this day have never had one (sob sob sob). There’s all kinds of arrangement on the site and different occasions you can buy for too.

You can buy me one here :)

£10 or less

4. Elixirs de Bach Herbal Remedy

Elizir de bach.jpg

Hate Valentines Day? Miss your Ex? I figured this Elixirs De Bach in Letting Go would be handy! Finally had a chance to try these out for myself and they are giving me some comfort in my dieting-ill-tired-stressed days!

You can see the range here, this one costs £7.95.

£3 or less

5. Anatomicals’ Snog Me Senseless – Mints

Anatomicals_ Snog Me Senseless - Mints.jpg

On a tight budget but want to get the message across? I think these Anatomicals Snog Me Senseless Mints are rather cute and are….well, useful if there’s gonna be some loving going on! £2.99 for a pack….just don’t give them to your boss by accident.

Valentines – you interested at all?!?

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